Uttam Kumar - Sumitra is ARO EKJON (Aaro Ekjon) Bengali Movie (1980) - North America (USA/Canada) DVD Release

Aaro Ekjon Kolkata Bengali Movie Uttam KumarAaro Ekjon is a classic drama film involving a rich man's daughter falling in love with a poor boy and marrying him in defiance of her father. The tear-jerker then moves on to a train accident where the husband dies, and the girl adopts a young boy who lost his mother. Eventually, the father of this adopted boy enters the film, with resultant perturbations about custody of the boy. and an amicable end where everyone lives happily together for ever.

Released the year the Mahanayak of Bengali cinema left us all, director Srijan's ARO EKJON (Bangla, 1980. color) has a credited cast of Uttam Kumar, Sumitra Mukherjee, Samit Bhanja, Kamal Mitra, Chhaya Devi, Gita Karmakar, Padma Devi, Master Raja, Master Samu and more. Music for Aaro Ekjon is composed by Sumit Ray.

Aaro Ekjan was originally released under the banner of Baba Taraknath Chitramandir.

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