POSTMASTER (2016) Full Bangla Movie Trailer Review

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee, WBRINN (

Kolkata, June 27 - The trailer of Srijon Bardhan’s upcoming movie ‘Postmaster’ which opened on 24th June is quite intriguing than what was expected from a film based on the famous short story of the same name by Rabindranath Tagore.

As trailer gives a hint of what is in store for the audience when they head to watch the movie, the trailer of postmaster was expected to be composed of glimpses of a sweet bitter relationship tale with soothing music and utopic background and some deeply emotional  moments thrown in between; instead the trailer shocks us in the very opening scene where a youth is seen weeping before a lit up pyre.

The gloomy mood continues and a few frames and tensed faces later comes the first dialogue of the trailer where lead actor Ishaan tells Pujarini, the lead actress not to keep the grudge within. The very next frame hints that the film also deals with the social evil of cast discrimination that still prevails in India.

The trailer moves on showing more tensed moments where the protagonist is seen in an attempt to suffocate his baby to death, Pujarini going through a labour pain and Ishaan’s ailing father forbidding him to own a baby from a low caste girl.

The rest of the trailer shifts from happy and romantic moments to moments of conflict, disharmony and even death. Three songs have been used in the trailer and the intelligent implementation of the songs has helped to depict different moods used in the film.

Overall the trailer keeps us guessing about what dimensions the makers of the movie have added to the simple story of a Postmaster and his domestic aid Ratan. Another feature of the trailer is that it is a complete turnaround from what the videos of songs and teaser have predicted. The utopic background in the teaser has turned into a dystopian context in the trailer. So a look at the trailer can tell that Srijon Bardhan’s screen adaptation of ‘Postmaster’ is not just a tale of attachment and separation but has more in store than what we read in the story or saw in its previous adaptations.

The original story has neither a death nor a birth in it but the trailer gives a feel that Srijon’s version may explore the full cycle of life and will extend itself from the limitation of a short story to tell a new tale.

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