Item song for Film 'Love You, Love You' recorded at Lata Mangheskar’s Bunglow

Mumbai, June 17, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Recently the item song ‘Lote ke Mera Chain, Karar o Ladki Farar ho gayi … ….’ for the film 'Love you, Love you' was recorded at Lata Mangeshkar Studio at Four Bunglows in presence of Shari. Farooque Azam, the advisor of of advisor of Indian Consul Ministry of external affairs.

Arvind Singh and Sana Khan have lend their voice for the song while the music has been composed by Afroz Khan. Along with them lyricists Rekha Tripathi, and Director Satyam Raj were also present on the occasion.

                           Director Satyam Raj, politician Farooque Azam, Lyricest and writer Rekha Tripathi,

          Singer Arvind Singh, politician Farooque Azam, Lyricest and writer Rekha Tripathi,Milan Yadav, Director Satyam Raj,

The movie is being produced by Azad Creations and is being presents by Raj Rishi films.