Arjun Chakrabarty set to break chocolate boy image with Proffesional

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Kolkata, June, 16, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): After receiving fabulous responses from the audience in previous venture like Onno Baswanto and ‘Ekti Bangali Bhooter Galpo’, Zee Bangla Originals is all set to present another film to its audience.

This time they present a crime thriller where Arjun Chakrabarty will be seen as a contract killer. Joydeep Mukehrjee will be having his directorial debut with this film.

                                                          Proffesional Poster

The plot of the movie goes as following:

Raghunath Kamath alias Raghu, a contract killer by profession arrives in the city on a special assignment. His targets - Vikas Singhania , proprietor of Singhania Properties; and Suddhanshu Saha, Union Leader of Jagatlal Cotton mills. The third target is yet to be given to him.

Raghu under the pseudo name Arjun , a computer engineer by profession , hailing  from Delhi puts up at a Lawyers place . Police receives information on the arrival of a contract killer and a list of suspected victims. SP Nirja is been assigned the case.

                                               Arjun in a scene from the film

Riya Lawyer Somnath’s daughter’s innocence and childlike demeanor captivates Raghu. After the completion of his two assignments, Raghu waits for his next target.
Two murders that take place somehow leads to no clue that can connect with the contract killers target list and is written off as an accident and gang war murder.

As days pass by Raghu finds himself getting attracted to Riya and as he ponders over his growing feelings towards her, he receives his next target.

                                     Malobika in a scene from the film

Shocked Raghu tries to decipher why anyone would want to kill an innocent girl like Riya, he fakes Riya’s murder to find out the truth.

The truth is far more complicated, Vikash Singhania , Sudhanshu Saha , Riya -  are targets of a much larger mystery .

This time Raghu sets his target on his own, he has a mission to accomplish.Arjun will be seen in an action oriented role for the first time, a good opportunity for the young actor to break his chocolate boy and innocent image. The trailer (below) gives a glimpse of a super macho look Arjun portrays in the film.  The film also stars Malobika, Bhaskar, Ushashie and Sourav Chatterjee.

The movie will have its television premiere on 21st June.

Watch the trailer of Bengali movie Professional