Lom Harsh commences the shoot of Yeh Hai India on his birthday

Mumbai, June 15, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio):Lom Harsh, an interior designer by profession, holder of a diploma in film-making and Masters in Administration is debuting as director with Yeh Hai India. Though it is his debut project a director, he is no stranger to film-making having worked on international projects in Australia as well as on several International documentaries.

Explaining how the seed of ‘Yeh Hai India’ was born in his mind, Lom said, “I’ve been a permanent resident of Australia for 7 years and have travelled several other international locations. As soon as I stepped out of India, I felt a sense of moral duties and responsibility to portray Indian Culture, Morals, Values and tradition in correct manner.  And at this moment of realization, I started writing the story of Yeh Hai India.”

“One of my friends who was working with a production company really liked my script and agreed to make the film with me as a director. We then held several meetings planning and strategizing for the film with the script taking almost 6-7 years and finally we are going on floors on 15 June with a schedule in Jaipur.”

15 June also happens to be his birthday and he is delighted to move one step closer to fulfilling his dream. The shooting will be spread across parts of India including Mumbai and Haridwar.

                                                  Director Lom Harsh

The manner in which Indians are treated in foreign countries was one of the reasons that aroused the Indian-ness in him. “There are so many misconceptions about India, they still consider us a poor nation. We Indians have contributed tremendously to the world but they ignore it. Racism is extremely prominent in foreign countries and many of my friends have been beaten in New Zealand. During the 07-08 riots I was in Australia and I’ve experienced it myself.”

“This film is for every Indian. Each and every dialogue of this film is inspired from certain incidents in my own journey as an Indian.” Lom hasn’t written the script for commercial purpose or randomly, but he ‘has lived the whole film and ‘holds closely each and every frame of the film in his mind.’

Lom also got blessed with all his first-choice actors Himanshu Soni, Deana Uppal, Mohan Agashe, Surendra Pal agreeing to be part of the film. “While writing the script, I had visualized how certain characters would look and with those characteristic references I drafted the story. The most beautiful thing is that I got the same cast that I had imagined.”

Lom has also started working on other projects and promises to offer unique and fresh content for the audiences always. Yeh Hai India’ will be jointly directed by G.K Yogesh and Lom Harsh and jointly produced by Lom harsh & Sandeep Choudhary under the banner of DLB Films Pvt. Ltd.