Bawal to tickle funny bones with comedy of errors and terrors.

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Kolkata, June 02, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): The cast and crew of upcoming Bengali movie Bawal recently gathered together at a press conference to talk about the movie. Directed by debutant director Biswaroop Biswas this laugh riot has Sayani Ghosh, Arjun Chakrabarty and Ritabhari Chakrabrty in lead along with actors like Anindya, Mainak, Biswanath and Sumit Samaddar. The film also see the launch of two new comers named Deboshree and Mishka.
Arjun Chakrabarty,told about his character, “I play the role of Jishu who is in love with shubhasree,played by ritabhari. Subhasri’s two elder brothers are very protective of her. They did not even marry so that they didn’t have to share their love.

Jishu makes a plan pacify Subhasri’s brothers by joining them as their assistants in work Also this would allow him to be closer to Subhashri. Jishu gets into the good books of both but not enough to ask Subhshri’s hand in marriage. Jishu and Subhashri decide that they should run away and get married and once they get married the brothers won’t be able to do anything about it. Jishu asks Subhasri to stand at the bus stand in burqa with a rose in her hand and Jishu will make sure to come and pick her from there. But things went wrong with the entry of Nusrat in most weird way. This begins a comedy of error.”

                                        Saayani and Ritabhari

Debutant Director Biswaroop Biswas, whom people remembers for a brilliant extended cameo in Srijit Mukherjee’s Chotuskone , told WBRi “I have been into acting for a while, both in movies and stage, I started my hand in direction with some short films and corporate films. I am thankful to KR movies that liked my works and provide me with a break into commercial movies.”

About the movie, the director said, “This movie has been made for pure entertainment of the audience. We have not tried to disperse any social message or other serious contents. We want the audience to come and have a time full of fun and laughter.”

                                         Arjun Chakrabarty

WBRi, asked Saayani about how she defines Bawaal, she said, “Bawal for me is having fun. It can be any incident or accident with a bit of fun and error but not any seriousness.”

Sayaani played the sister of a top don in the film. When asked about what she would have done if in real life she was a sibling of a Don. Sayaani Said, “My dad is no less than a don.He has that kind of attire and attitude. You will see him wearing gold chains and bracelets. He has a heavy voice and a commanding authority. “

                     From Left: Biswaroop.Sanjay, Saayani,Anindya,Sumit,Mainak and Ritabhari

When WBRi asked him how was the shift to a comic role from serious roles she had been doing.

Sayani said, “I know people see me as an actor who does serious and meaningful roles only.But I am quite fun loving person in real life. I have enjoyed a lot doing this role. I hope people will like me in a comic character as they have liked me in serious roles.”

The story of the film has been written by Pavel while Akash Sen has composed Music for it.

Bawal releases on 12th June

Wath the trailer of Bawal