Rituparna, Indrani and Rupa comes together for Aro Ekbar

Kolkata, June 09, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Rituparna Sengupta, Indrani Halder and Rupa Ganguly come together for the first in a movie. The three divas together have been pillars of Tollywood for many years when it came to playing female leads but never shared screen space together before.  Bringing them together has been made possible by debutant Director John Halder in his debut vehicle ‘Aro Ekbar’
The storyline of the movie is as follows:

Irabati, Malabika and Jhumur  were the best friends in college. They were determined to be together till their last breath. They believed the bond they have will never suffer any deprecation.

                                           Rituparna,Indrani and Rupa Ganguly

But destiny always has different plan. .After they had completed college, they went through a lot in their respective lives and within few years they completely lost contacts with each other.

Time as always flowed away fast two decades seemed to pass away in a flash until one day Irabati suddenly found Malabika on the streets of Kolkata. It was an utter surprise to both of them and when they had overcome their shock, they learned about each other. Iraboti has been married to an affluent family and has a son named Arka. Malabika on the other hand has lost her husband long back and had just returned from Delhi to Kolkata with her only daughter Abantika. Soon the two old friends start searching for Jhumur, the third piece from their old trio.

                                       Rituparna with cast and crew during the shoot

After a long search they finally find  Jhumur wo by then was divorced and was living alone.
The re-union of these three friends took a major turn in their lives and it started a new journey for them. They start exploring life afresh by revisiting the by gone days of their lives !

But their story of reunion made way for another story as Abantika, daughter of Malabika fell for Ark. But for Arka she was nothing but a friend only. In an unforeseen  incident , they got physically involved and Abantika got pregnant . The incident was a huge shock to all three friends. Abantika refused to abort firmly decided to carry on with the pregnancy. But baby but Arko refused to accept the fatherhood as he was far from being ready to take up the responsibility.

                                                 Cast and Crew takes a break during the shoot

Both Malabika and Irabati were at a loss and could not decide what to do about the situation. But except Jhumur,stood by Abantika and helped her go on with the pregnancy. But destiny struck again as Abantika gave birth to a dead .
Time passed on. Abantika took a job abroad and left Kolkata.This departure of Abantikaagain resulted in the separation of the three friends.
But life again took turns for them and they again crossed each other’s path. The rest of the story unfolds what happened next.
The film along with the three senior beauties of Tollywood also stars Saayoni Ghosh, Shaheb Bhattyacharya and Firodus.
The film is Being produced by Akash Chatterjee Productions.