Dolon roy's interview on mangrove

Dolon Roy, one of the popular actresses in Bengali film and Television industry, is going to play a pivotal role in Mangrove, the upcoming Bengali movie directed by Sourav Mukhopadhaya. In an exclusive interview with Washington Bangla Radio, she talks about Nigel Akkara, her bonding with cast and crew and other aspects of the film.

WBRi: Please tell us about the character you play in the film.

Dolon: I Play the role of a doctor who is a colleague to Nigel Akkara’s character. My on-screen sister in the film gets raped and murdered. So we ensue a protest against the crime. I will be seen as one of the leaders of the protest, which forms a very important plot of the film’s storyline.

WBRi: Why did you find the character of the film appealing?

Dolon: Mangrove is a film which deals with reality. The incidents shown in this film are what we see around us or in news every day. So the characters have been portrayed in a very real way and each of them has a strong message to convey. So when I was narrated the role I liked it very much and said yes to it immediately.

WBRi: How was it working under the of Sourav Mukhopadhaya?

Dolon: I have worked with Sourav Mukhopadhaya in his previous directorial venture Zameen. He likes to deal with realistic and contemporary issues. I like his way of treating the characters. He keeps them grounded to reality.

Dolon Roy

                                     Dolon Roy.

WBRi: You were one of the senior and more experienced actors in the unit of Mangrove. How you guided the young and new actors in the unit?

Dolon: I really did not tried to give the young actors too many advises and rather tried to be friends with them I really did not want them to see me as a senior as it could get on their nerves. We cooperated with each other to deliver our part in the best possible way.

WBRi: Both you and Nigel keep interest in stage performances. Did you have discussions about your common interests during the shoot?

Dolon: We had a hectic schedule during the shoot so we could not discuss in details about our interests. But we had a nice discussion on Nigel’s experience of training under dancer Alokananda and how those performances changed people from inside. I also shared a few of my stage experiences.

WBRi: What do you look for in a role before saying yes to it?

Dolon: I always see how important that character is in the context of the plot and how much the character is contributing to the film. I do not judge characters by the screen time. I also see how much scope of exhibiting my acting skill is there in the character. Characters with mere presence but no acting skills to show do not appeal to me. If a small role comes to me and if I find it interesting I will go for it.

WBRi: This is your first venture with Nigel Akkara. How would you rate him as an actor?

Dolon: It’s too early to judge him. He is only three films old. But he does have potentiality in him. He is also very dedicated and hardworking. He tries to give his best in each and every single shot.

WBRi: What other projects do you have at the moment?

Dolon: Two of my projects are on the floor which I cannot reveal right now. Talks are going on for a third project.