Hoi Choi, Kolkata Bangla Movie Music Release


Kolkata, June 30, (Washington Bangla Radio): The music album launch of the upcoming Bengali film ‘Hoichoi’ took place at The Sonnet hotel. Present at the music launch of the film was the director Debarati Gupta, Rahul, Shekhar Das and music director Abhijit bose. Paoli Dam and Priyanka, both of the leading ladies of the film could not attend the music launch due to some medical issues.

“There are six songs in this film. The song “Khepa tui na jene tor apon khobor javi kothai” is a song composed by Lalon Fakir and has been used in the film. This song ideally shows the situation of the characters after leaving the reputed theatre group and making a group of their own. The song was earlier planned to be used in the film Kagojer Bou but that did not happen. So I used it in this film. The other songs in the film include Aparajita, Chena Goli, Jot pakano, Hari bol and Raat Namle. The songs blend well with the film and that of the mood of the characters” said Abhijit Bose. The music for this film has been arranged by Subroto Bose.


“Hoichoi or ‘The Ruckus’ is the story of a street theatre group consisting of group members Aban (Rahul), Tupur (Priyanka), Piyal (Paoli) and others. Piyal is the founder of this group and she leads the team. All these actors used to work earlier in a reputed and established theatre group called Sahasrak led by Charan Ganguly (Shekhar Das). However they did not get much opportunity to flourish when they used to worked under Charan Ganguly and hence the decision to make a new group came up. Whether they are successful in their attempt and how they tackle the problems they face is what the story is about” said Debarati Gupta. The director expressed her gratitude to Rudranil who has also played an important role in the film.

Actor Shekhar Das who has earlier worked in the theatre for ten long years plays the role of Charan Ganguly in the movie. “I got a call from Debarati asking me to do this role as I have a natural affinity for theater and will be able to portray the world of theatre better than others” said Shekhar Das.


Rahul who plays the role of Aban shed some light on his character in the film. “My character Aban works in a theatre group Sahasrak. However I do not get the chance to grab good roles in the group as we are dominated by the senior artists. We are humiliated on different occasions by the theatre group owner and decide on to make a new group. Aban and Piyal cannot tolerate each other and though they work together in the new group, their problems do not recede” said Rahul. Commenting on the love triangle in the film, Rahul-Priyanka-Paoli, the actor refused to divulge the elements of the love triangle. He wants the audience to know more about the love triangle only by watching the film. Roop Kotha Noi, Bomkesh, Jatiswar are some of the upcoming films of Rahul apart from HoiChoi.

Paoli who could not attend the music launch due to a foot injury interacted with the media via mobile phone. She was called on her mobile and the questions from the media were told to her and she responded to the questions. When questioned on her look, the actress said that since she was leading the group Hoichoi, the director wanted a different look. “I have always played feminine characters with long lustrous waist length hair or glamorous roles. Since the director wanted a tomboyish character, this look was tried on me. I hope that the audience will love it” said the actress.

Vikram, Bijit, Nitya Ganguly, Rudranil Ghosh are the other actors who has played important roles in this film.

The film is slated for release on the 12th of July and promises to be an entertaining watch.

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN