Nusrat Jahan launches Vanity Van in Kolkata

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Kolkata, June 28, (Washington Bangla Radio): In a white and golden dress with matching golden ballerina shoes and bangles, Nusrat Jahan literally walked into beauty. The rising Bengali film actress was the show stealer of the launch ceremony of the vanity van at Burdwan Rajbari located on Diamond Harbour Road in Kolkata. The futuristic and luxurious vanity van was launched by Soni power, the pioneer in introducing modern vanity vans in the city. “Vanity vans are an essential part of an actor and actress’s life. It is useful not only for getting ready for a shot but also is a good resting place for us. There are moments when we do not have any shots. We can then simply rest here in peace. This vanity van has been decked up beautifully and includes all the luxurious features. This is indeed a huge change from the vans in which we usually work in which the air conditioners may not work properly or there is not much space. This is spacious and we can now relax in style” said the actress at the launch of the vanity van. Nusrat is busy shooting for her next film ‘Khiladi’ with Ankush as the male lead. She plays the role of a Hindu girl from a conservative family who falls in love with a Muslim boy played by Ankush. The good response that her film Khoka 420 is getting is a source of immense satisfaction for the actress. “It feels good when your work gets appreciated by the audience. We all worked hard for the film and the positive response from the audience means a lot” said Nusrat.

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The new vanity van is spacious and has a double door. The color scheme in the inside of the van has been done in blue and white. The gorgeous décor and the convenient features make this van one of the most prestigious vanity vans that can be offered to the artists during the shooting. The van has a high top and this enables people to stand comfortably in the vanity van. The vanity van will also be given on hire in Kolkata.

Lilesh Soni of Soni Power said “This thirty feet long vanity van has two rooms. There is a growing demand for make-up vans in Kolkata. This is the reason why we have introduced make-up vans for film actors, outdoor shootings and even for marriage parties. In future, we plan to make ultra-luxurious vans”.

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The van has a bottle green shade on its exterior. It has a three-seat black couch, twenty two inch LCD screen, DVD player along with DVDs, half length wide mirror, huge dressing table, wardrobe and a mini fridge in each of the rooms. The floor has been done up with tiles and the van has air conditioning. The seating capacity for the van is for eight to ten people. The attached bathroom of the van is another interesting feature.

The vanity van by Soni Power will be helpful for the artists. They will not only be able to get ready for the shot but also rest during breaks.

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN