WBRi Exclusive Interview: Chandan Ray Sanyal, the Arjun of Ganesh Talkies

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Kolkata, June 28, (Washington Bangla Radio): Chandan Ray Sanyal was in Kolkata for the promotion of the upcoming Bengali film Ganesh Talkies directed by ace director Anjan Dutta. The film has been generating interest among the audience due to the unique story line. The actor who plays the role of the Marwari boy, Arjun in the film is excited about bagging a romantic character.

In a chat with WBRI, the actor gets candid and talks about films and future projects.

WBRi: You are playing a Marwari boy in the film. How is this character different from the ones that you have played earlier?

Chandan: I do not like to repeat my roles. Hence I have been trying to do different characters. Be it Hindi or Bengali films, I have been trying to reinvent myself. I do not want to be categorized either as a villain or the chocolate boy hero. I am an actor and I am open to do all kinds of roles. The character of Arjun is different in the sense that I am playing a romantic character. I have been getting beaten up as the bad boy in films. This film is giving me the chance to beat up bad guys for a change.  I have been associated for a long time with character roles and I am trying to break this idea of the audience.

WBRI: You are back after fifteen long months. Why such a break?

Chandan: I have been introduced in this film industry by Vishal Bharadwaj and hence I think twice before signing any film. The kind of films that Vishal Bharadwaj makes is mind blowing. Since I was introduced to this world, I make it a point to sign those films, (be it Bengali and Hindi) which will give me a chance to showcase my acting skills. I came in the industry to become a good actor. This is the reason why this gap. I may not be a star but I am a critically acclaimed actor. The audience loves me and I try my best to do roles for which they will remember me.

WBRi: What are the releases lined up this year?

Chandan : Apart from Ganesh Talkies, my other films which are ready for release includes D-Day by Nikhil Advani, Kanchi and Prague. My plate is full at the moment with so many releases.

WBRi: You began as a theatre actor. How was the transition from theatre to films?

Chandan: Well it is very difficult to get a chance in the film industry if you do not have proper backup. However I was lucky to have got a chance to act in a Vishal Bharadwaj film at the beginning of my career. This helped me immensely.

WBri:How does it feel to be working with Anjan Dutta yet again in this film?

Chandan : Working with Anjan Da is always a pleasure. One does not feel like that they are working. He is a humorous person and is always entertaining everyone on the sets.

WBRi: What about Raima? Did you enjoy working with her?

Chandan: She is a naughty girl. She made me eat fish and the bones got stuck in my throat. And seeing my situation she was laughing. You do not know when she is joking and when she is serious. As an actor, she is dedicated and professional. Working with her is a great experience.

WBRi:You have been doing films of different genres. Is it simply to showcase your acting skills?

Chandan: I do not wish to play the same character and look the same in all of my films. Hence I opt for films of different genre. Moreover I am a director’s actor and I leave myself completely to the director. This helps me a lot to portray the character in the film. Every director has a different perception. Anjan Dutta is different from Vishal Bharadwaj. Hence I do as my director asks me to do.

WBri: Do you have a dream role? If so what?

Chandan: Well, I have been playing different characters, mainly characters with grey shades. I will really like to play the character of Aamir Khan in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. I want to prove that I too can make women go weak in the knees and they will say “Oh he is so cute”. This is a completely romantic character and I want to show to everyone the romantic guy behind the actor. There is something intense inside me which is looking for avenues to come out. Hence I want to do such romantic roles.

WBRi: Since you are such a romantic guy, are you single in real life?

Chandan: Yes I am very much single. I had a relationship with a girl and we broke up. Now we are very good friends. She is married and settled. But she rings me up whenever she sees any news relating with me. We are on good terms and there is nothing bitter between us. When we broke up I was a bit shattered. However I geared up and put my full concentration on work. I still remember when she said that one day I will become a busy actor and will have no time for her. She will not be able to tolerate this. Her leaving me though left me sad then has turned out be a blessing in disguise.

WBRi: Finally, how much important is Kolkata to you?

Chandan: I may not have grown up here but I love the energy and the love in the city. When I was shooting in the Chitpur area, the aroma of the food cooking, the frankness of the people who told Anjan Da about how his film was not a good one is amazing. I came to Kolkata for the first time in 1991 to visit my aunt’s place. I have sweet memories of that time. After that I came to the city for work many times. It has become indeed a great part of my life.

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