Vidya Balan and Emraan Khan were in Kolkata to promote Ghanchakkar

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Kolkata, June 28, (Washington Bangla Radio): Vidya Balan, the Bollywood hottie who is now being regarded as the lady equivalent of the Khans of Bollywood, is ready to woo the audience again with her performance in the upcoming film Ghanchakkar.

To promote the film, Vidya landed in Kolkata with her co-star Emraan Haashmi and director Raj Kumar Gupta. Vidya decided to give herself a look like that of a Barbie doll as a treat to the shutterbugs of the city of Joy, the city from where she started her career (Her first film ‘Parineeta’ was was shot in Kolkata). A white designer dress with red Polka dots was Vidya’s pick from her wardrobe. The pretty pink hairband often grabbed the yellow spot of everybody’s eyes.  And what should be spoken about her earrings? It looked like she had just plucked two flowers from the garden to decorate her ears.

Vidya was asked how she feels coming back to the city from where she had started her career. Vidya said that this is her first visit to Kolkata after her marriage and the city has welcomed her with the same warmth that it had been doing on previous occasions. She also said that she loves the city, its people and also the food. Unfortunately, being a vegetarian, she had to give the very famous fish delicacies of Bengal a miss but she is always game for Kolkata made sweets, especially Misti Doi.
To the query that how she dealt with the lean phase that she had a few years back before her golden period in the film Industry started, Vidya said that the tough time gave her such lessons and experiences which later brought out the best in her. She also compared the tough time as a polishing period needed for a diamond to attain its sparkle. She said, “The way my life has turned out to be, I could never have asked anything better than that. Perhaps it was necessary for me to go through that tough time.”

Later WBRi asked Vidya about her feelings about doing a full-fledged comedy for the first time after. Vidya said, “Yes this is my full fledged comedy and I hope to break my serious image with this and say to the world that I am quite apt for the comedy genre too. I hope that the audience will accept me in the comedy genre just as they have done for the serious roles. This movie is actually a comedy thriller and the thriller part is also going to play a major role in entertaining the audience.”

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The trailers of the movie show Vidya’s Character reacting with a casual ‘Aaan’ whenever she is told anything or asked. When WBRi asked her what that is all about and Vidya clarified that it is the habit of her character that whenever she is asked anything she starts her reply with an ‘Aaan’ as if she has not heard the question properly. But she does not have a hearing or concentration problem and it is just her second nature to react like that. This input in the character is to make it more humorous.”

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About herself being a bit over weight again in the film, she said “Director Rajkumar wanted me to look like a normal house wife who doesn’t spend much time in keeping herself toned. So after Dirty Picture I again had the luxury to work out less and indulge in a less strict diet. But many has said that I look quite nice in the trailers.”

Emraan Khan who once got type casted in film as and achieved the title of ‘Serial Kisser’ is now being regarded as a versatile actor and in this film too he plays an unorthodox role. On this issue the actor said, “I was only doing films that came in my way as an actor can only choose from films that is offered to him. Only after ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ filmmakers started thinking to cast me in different kind of roles. So one can say that ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ is a turning point in my career. Now I am happy that I am portraying a variety of characters successfully.”