Watch: Full Video of Gtown Desi - Hatt Pichay

Gtown Desi - Hatt Pichay (Full Video) (You Tube)

Gtown Desi are a collective of creative, enthusiastic & talented individuals each having raw musical talent and a passion for entertainment, fused with their years of experience in the music industry globally.

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Every member of Gtown Desi derives from a differing background musically, which in turn allows them to combine and create new forms of music. With influences ranging from eastern traditional sounds to contemporary western-based urban themes, allows the overall collection of DJs the opportunity to simply fuse sounds unlike any other musical unit presently out there.

‘1134’, was the debut album from the collective back in 2010 which establishing the brand UK and worldwide. ‘1134’ dropped no.1 single after single, with the likes of ‘Teri Tor Vehka’, ‘Peerh’ and ‘Type of Guy’.  With all their individual influences combined on the one record, the album represented the true Urban Asian sounds and was a benchmark for future project.

2013 sets up a big year ahead for Gtown Desi with their first single releasing on 27th June.  The single, titled “Hatt Pichay” features the vocals of the talented Ashok Gill and legendary Sarvjeet Kaur.  The Desi dance floor filler is sure to be an anthem and a gidhha hit for the ladies.  With the video shot in India to signify the Desiness of this track, it is set to fill dance floors from clubs to weddings.  The follow up single is now in production titled “Majajne Hatt Ja” which is featuring some of the hottest names in the industry, releasing in August 2013.