Review of Anjan Dutta’s latest movie Ganesh Talkies

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Kolkata, June 26, (Washington Bangla Radio): What reaction will a Hollywood movie addict have if he/she finds Stephen Speilberg making a family drama or an erotic comedy?  The reaction will be quite similar to those Bengali movie lovers who are going to watch Anjan Dutta’s latest directorial venture ‘Ganesh Talkies’.

Unlike Dutta’s other films ‘Ganesh talkies’ is not about a divorced couple or a depressed youngster with estranged parents or those with some extra-marital affair. The film is about the friendship of two men Pashupati Ghosh (Biswajit) and Pravin Agarwal (Rajesh Sharma) from two communities that run the lifeline of Kolkata. They hail from different backgrounds. Pashupati comes from a typical aristocratic family with just a lineage to be proud of. It’s only the fame that lingers with not much sign of wealth. Pravin on the other hand is from a Marwari family and owing to the fact that business runs in the blood of the community, he too utilizes his business acumen and makes a decent living for himself even though his father had made a huge blunder and lost almost everything pursuing his movie making ambitions.

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The bond of friendship is not limited to Pravin and Pashupati only; the two families are also closely knit due to their friendship.  All goes haywire when it is found out that Srabani (Raima Sen) who is Pashupati’s daughter has an affair with Arjun (Chandan Roy Sanyal) who is none other than Pravin’s Son. The grudge and hatred against each other which is nurtured between both the communities unfolds from here on. What happens next forms the rest.

The film highlights that there is no such community called ‘Kolkattans’ which most of us proudly proclaim to be a part of. The film again reveals that India is more about diversity than unity. Unity is mostly superficial and the differences lie deep in the roots.

A hilarious sub plot in the form of the affair of the domestic help, i.e. Shibu (Taranga Sarkar) and Mandakini (Koneenica) has been used as an excellent decorative for the film. Interestingly, the most peppy item song portrays the parallel lovebirds, not the lead ones and has fit into the film perfectly. It is quite clear that Anjan Dutta, has tried to leave no stone unturned to fulfill his commitments of stepping into commercial movie.

Rajesh Sharma and Biswajit perform just as expected from seasoned actors. They firmly hold the baseline of the film. Raima is okay according to the role which is neither too challenging nor too easy flowing. Though the highly praised acting skills of Chandan seem to have been under-utilized in the movie he still has his moments of glory even in the short stint. But the actors who steal a lot of focus are Taranga and Koneenica. They are an example of perfect casting and a more perfect execution of de-glamorized roles in a glamorous way.

But still the film has its flaws and one shall always feel that some or the other Mis-en-scene is missing. One of the very few Anjan Dutta reminiscences in the film is the portrayal of the Kolkata of today; the director seems to be too addicted to this trademark style of his. The choice of enormous flats over old family houses, demolition of old buildings for constructing Skyscrappers and Turning Single screens into Multi-plexes has also been showcased in the movie. The sense of transition in the director is obvious and the movie is a witness to that. Watch the movie to notice how the renowned director changes his track.