Good Pitch Squared Mumbai promises a bright future for Documentary films in India

Mumbai, June 20 (Washington Bangla Radio): Indian Documentary Foundation, Kerala State Chalchitra Academy, Films Division Govt of India are delighted to invite you to their joint venture, which is being held at Mumbai International Film Festival on 23rd Feb 2014.

Good Pitch brings together six documentary filmmaking teams with European foundations, NGOs, philanthropists, broadcasters, brands, technology, social entrepreneurs, government, and media around leading social issues — to forge unique coalitions and campaigns around documentary films to maximise their social or environmental impact and influence. For more information please visit:


Born out of the conviction that documentary is a powerful tool for creating social change, the Good Pitch team selects six of the most inspiring social justice documentary projects at this time. The selected filmmakers are taken through three months of campaign strategy and two intensive campaign development workshops to help focus their pitch and define the partnership potential in their project.

At Good Pitch Europe, each team has seven minutes to present their film and its associated outreach campaign to a roundtable of 9 invited representatives and a theater of 350 participants from:

- Foundations, philanthropists, and grantmaker associations with an interest in the issue area
- Leading NGOs/non-profits whose mission/campaigning work intersects with the issues in the film
- Broadcasters, traditional media funders and platforms
- Technology innovators, digital, social media, and crowdfunding platforms
- Brands who have a CSR agenda around the issue and social entrepreneurs
- UN partners , state, and local government

The 9 pitch table participants change for each film project, assuring that we always match the right films to the right partners as well as allowing time for additional contributions from the participants in the room.

Good Pitch offers a unique opportunity to create a coalition around each film. There is great potential to network and build partnerships around creative funding strategies, cause marketing, policy change, issue advocacy, and public engagement.

Dark Horse Network Media Pvt Ltd (http;// is proudly working on bringing the Good Pitch Squared to India.

Applications are open. Please apply here.

Where the future is bright for documentary film.