Antare Sudhu Tumi Bangla Movie Review, Story, Wallpaper and Trailer at WBRi

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Indian Kolkata Bangla New Movie ONTORE SUDHU TUMI Wallpaper Poster

Kolkata, June 17 (Washington Bangla Radio): Antore Sudhu Tumi deals with the corruption and misconduct in hospitals that is in rampant in our state. From robbing away of vital body organs like kidneys and eye to the changing of children after birth to the mishandling of the money allocated by the government for the running of hospitals- all has been exposed in the film. The film by director Mritunjoy Ray is a reflection of harsh reality that is often reported in media.

The story of the Indian Bangla movie is set in Birpur. Suravi Ray (Anuradha Ray) is an honest and hard working doctor at the Birpur Hospital. She always protests against any wrong deeds going on in the hospital. Her daughter Urmi (Ratri)falls in love with Abhi (Abhiraj) who comes for an outing at Birpur with his friends. Love blossoms immediately between them. Anath (Vivek Trivedi) and Rahul, two goons often terrorize the poor people and snatch money from them. They also have a strong command over the hospital’s administration due to their muscle power. Suravi protests against this and after a good thrashing, Anath turns into a new leaf. Rahul meanwhile continues his wrong activities at the hospital and Suravi tries to stop him. Rahul kidnaps Urmi as retaliatory action for  Suravi’s actions. How Anath and Abhi rescues Urmi and teaches Rahul a good lesson is what the rest of the story is all about.

The director is the first person to be blamed for the bad execution of such a good storyline. What could turn out to be a good film showcasing the corruption levels in the hospitals turns out to be a loud and messy film. The director could not develop the good storyline on screen successfully. The film also lacks luster in the technical aspects. The camera angles are not good. It looks too amateurish. The narrative technique is also messy and easily confuses the audience.

Indian Kolkata Bangla New Movie ONTORE SUDHU TUMI Wallpaper Poster

The dialogues are at least better than other aspects of the Kolkata Bangla movie. They give you a taste of the commercial films. Sample dialogues include “Bhoi amake dekhle bhoi paai” or “Jake rakhe uparwala take marbe kon sala”. The dialogues had the flavor of the commercial films but the actors did not do much justice to it. The way the actors delivered the dialogues may remind one of children mugging up tables and vomiting them to their teachers.

Music by Soumitro Kundu is average and has nothing much to write about. The songs like “Bhalobashi j ami tomai”, “bhorer alo jeno surjomukhi” are just passable and one can be sure that they will not retain it in their minds after getting out of the hall.

Abhiraj as Abhi is too dramatic and over sentimental in most of the scenes. Vivek Trivedi as Anath is stocky both with his screen presence and dialogues. The worst of the lot is Ratri who plays the role of Urmi. She is expressionless and her shrill voice is too irritating. Anuradha Ray as Suravi Ray is better than the others. Her acting though cannot save this film which had a quite touchy theme and could have been banked on with better casting and execution.