KHOKA 420 (2013): Not a Dull Moment - Bangla Movie Review, Story, Trailer and Wallpaper

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN
Photos: Sagnik Jaiswal

Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Actress Subhasree Ganguly Wallpaper Poster
Subhasree Ganguly at Khoka 420 Premiere

Kolkata, June 16 (Washington Bangla Radio): After huge success of ‘Kanamachi’, Eskay Movies brings to the audience another super cool movie in the form of ‘Khoka 420’. The movie is the remake of the superhit Telegu film ‘Brindavanam’ directed by Vamsi Padivially. The southern breeze seems to always bring auspicious effects to Bengali movies and this time the breeze seems to have invoked its charm even better.

Krishna (Dev) or Krish is a flamboyant guy who is always ready to take on army of goons single handedly. The film opens in almost a zero gravity zone where Krish enters riding a bike, heads to his friend who was chased by some rogues, picks him up on his bike as if he is a feather. Then follows some flying sessions as Krish send the goons flying to every direction and the unfortunate creatures seems to be flying for eternity. As the looks of the large built goons keeps no doubt about the masses of the objects, then it must be surely gravity which was missing there. Now do not keep thinking about the gravity because Krish is the hero of the film and gravity loss is just a co-incidence during action sequence though a very repetitive one. Anyhow, all this happened as Krish’s friend had a girlfriend and as the rogue elder brother of the lady is not accepting the relation.

Nusrat Jahan Hot Wallpaper Poster
Nusrat Jahan at Khoka 420 Premiere

So the very first sequence tells you what is in store, i.e. Entertainment, Entertainment and well, more Entertainment. So logics must be discarded away and co-incidences should be given priority over incidences to get into the full flavor of the movie. Who said that only tickets for intellectual Movies are worth buying?

Krish’s own life is also very decorated and enviable. He has a multimillionaire dad, a loving mom and most importantly a very beautiful girlfriend in the form of Megha (Nusrat Jahan), the very reason behind the existence of the film’s story.

After touring half of the world for the sake of one of the movie songs Megha upheld a problem to Krish. She says that her best friend Bhoomi (Shuvasree) is being married to a good for nothing guy (Raja Dutta) from their village. To avoid the marriage she has told her father (Tapas pal) that she loves a guy from the city. Now she has to produce him in front of his father. So Megha asks Krish to pose as Bhoomi’s boyfriend for the time being to save her from the perilous marriage. After a bit of hesitation Krish agrees and soon he set out for Bhoomi’s village in North Bengal. On reaching the destination Krish finds an assortment of interesting characters in the joint family which include Bhoomi’s ferocious father, two lazy uncles, typical aunts, a jolly grandfather (late Haradhan Bandhopadhaya) and a very mischievious cousin (Partha). Krish also comes to know that Bhoomi’s uncle (Rajatava) stays away in another village and the two brothers treat each other as worst enemies. This tension has also spreaded to the two villages entirely. Krish puts everything back into track whether it is in house or out in the village. He handles Bhoomi’s cousin in a tit-for-tat manner, makes her uncles realize the virtue of hardwork, woos her aunts with sweet words and defied every move of Bhoomi’s father to subdue him.  Most importantly he fixes the soreness between the two brothers and consequently the two villages. Among all these Bhoomi falls in love with Krish and Krish too develops a soft corner for her. Krish also had won the heart of everyone in the family including Bhoomi’s father. Now they all wants to give away Bhhomi’s hand to Krish. But Megha arrives and it is revealed that Megha is Bhoomi’s cousin, the daughter of his uncle with whose family Krish has just reconciled their ties. Megha reading the situation declares that her own boyfriend has dumped her. But the moron with whom Bhoomi’s marriage was fixed previously breaks the news to her family that Krish is the guy who was in a relationship with Megha. Things become critical. What follows comprises the rest of the story.

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Dev with his god stature and self-maintained fitness looks apt for the role of a semi-super hero character who is always invincible unless he himself wishes otherwise (he gets beaten up only once and that too by  Bhoomi’s father and uncle and he never tries to resist). He is okay in lighter scenes but his portrayal of emotions could have been far better. Nusrat plays her part well. Suvasree as Bhoomi undergoes a numerous transition throughout the film and playing that needs really good acting skill. The first half shows her a girl who lives in a coccon due to her fear for his father. Later she turns into a girl who is in Joy as she is in love. Later she plays the confused lady in a confuse situation. Suvasree plays her round character beautifully. Partha is hilarious and creates some unique humorous moments in the film. His performance in this film shows the superb actor in him. Rajatava again brings out his potentiality in a brief role. Tapas Pal as the hot-headed father is getting stereotyped in such roles. This film will also be remembered as the last big act of veteran actor Haradhan Bandhopadhay and is seen delivering a brilliant performance.

Rajib though had a guideline of directing the film in form of the original, still his credit cannot be taken away as the film has shaped up perfectly. But the editing of the film deserves the most of the credits. The editor does not provide a single dull moment which is the key to keep the audience knitted with the seats.  The film has almost every ingredient needed to cook it well and indeed it has been cooked well.