Actor RANBIR KAPOOR in Kolkata: "I liked looking at my teacher's legs from under my desk in 5th grade"

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RANBIR KAPOORRanbir Kapoor, who is being predicted as the next superstar after the Khans and Kumars, has created a heavy craze among audience with his latest film ‘Yeh Jawani hai Dewaani’. Recently he landed in Kolkata and won the hearts of media as well as his fans in the ‘City of Joy’.

Ranbir appeared alone in the city for the promotion and neither of his co-stars (comprises of big names like Deepika Padukone, Aditya Roy Kapur and Kalki Koechelin) nor did director Ayan Mukherjee accompany him.  But Ranbir proved himself to be a one man show.

Ranbir was greeted with a question which he never expected to be the first question of the press meet. He was asked that how awkward was it to work with his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone. Ranbir replied that it was not awkward at all. They came into the film as individuals and they felt that the script was good and thus both gave it a go. Ranbir also said that they both are passionate about movies and are hard working and their past was never an issue to be a barrier in their commitment to the film.

Ranbir also visited a reputed school in Kolkata during his visit to Kolkata. So the obvious issue came up as he face the question that if it is ethical to promote the film with such a title in schools. Ranbir said that the film has nothing vulgar in it that can give society a bad name. He also said that the title is such as the film portrays the journey of four young guys and the ups and downs they face in life.


Ranbir had spent a lot of days in Kolkata while shooting for runaway hit ‘Barfi’. When asked that what he likes most about the city, he replied in line of most of the film personalities of Mumbai who visits the city. He said that he like misti doi a lot. He also added that the people, culture and food of Kolkata together give the city a unique beauty. Ranbir also has worked with quite a number of Bengali film makers recently. When asked that if he had learnt Bengali from them, Ranbir said that he did not have such an opportunity as none of those directors speaks Bengali on sets. Ranbir had a lot of praise for Bengal as a talent storehouse. He said “Bengal is a store house of talents. If we take a look at the history of Indian cinema we will see that Bengal has produced some of the greatest filmmakers like Satyajit Roy and Bimal Roy. Even at present the filmmakers like Anurag Basu and Sujoy Ghosh is bearing the legacy. So we can say that there are many talents hidden in this state. I will appeal those talents to come to Mumbai and make good films so that I can get some good roles.”


The song ‘Badtameez dil’ from the film is being considered as the peppy song of the year. So WBRI took the opportunity of the press meet to ask Ranbir that what kind of Badtameezi (Mischief making) he likes to do in real life.

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Ranbir after being taken aback by such a question regained his composure and said, “I have a line in the film which goes like this, ‘badtameezi ek bimari hai jo dheere dheere waqt k sath burave me badal jate hai. Jabtak Burava na aye tabtak thodi Badtaameeze kar lete hai’’ (Mischief making is a disease which gradually turns into old age with time. So before old age arrives for us, let us indulge in some mischief making’). There is always a limit to mischief making and it is acceptable till it do not hurt others. I have done so many such ‘Badtameezi’ that I cannot depict in front of so many cameras and media persons. If I do I may also get banned in Kolkata and would not be allowed to shoot here again. Still I am going to share one incident. I was most mischievous during my school days. When I was around five or six years old, we had a teacher in our school named Miss John. She was the only teacher who used to wear a skirt. I used to go below the bench and watch her legs which gave me immense pleasure. Our principal called my parents and complained about the incident. Back home I got thoroughly scolded by my parents. But still this kind of mischief is continuing.”


So girls now know what attracts the superstar in making.

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal