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By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Tollywood Actress Shompa and Hero Vishal in Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Premjuddho
Shompa and Vishal

Kolkata, June 8 (Washington Bangla Radio): Lovers have always faced atrocities through the ages. Either the parents oppose the match or society poses a barrier citing various social or economical differences. Whoever may pose the barrier, the bottom line is that lovers have to always fight to be with the person they love. This is the backdrop of the story of Prem Yuddho which released this Friday.

Prem Yuddho has vividly shown college politics as well as family friendship which turns into rivalry. These are the most prominent issues that have been dealt with in the film by the director. Joy (Vishal) and Jayanti (Sampa) are in love with each other. They are however disturbed by Ronnie (Premjit) who is the son of the local MLA Rajat Roy (Sudip Mukherjee). He is ithe leader of the student’s union in college. One day when Ronnie misbehaves with Jayanti, Joy gets into a tussle with him and gets rusticated from the college. The entire college goes on strike against this injustice. The Principal unable to go against the college authorities resign from his post. It is then that Ranjita (Pallavi) comes in as the new principal. She sets everything right in the college and also poses a threat to the evil deeds of the MLA. In the midst of this college politics, Joy and Jayanti’s love blossoms. However when their parents meet, their relationship is not accepted by the families. It is revealed that a misunderstanding between the two families is the reason behind this decision. It is while fighting for the love of Joy and Jayanti that she discovers her own past and her love is involved here. Whether  she can bring the criminals to justice or she has to resign and leave is shown the next part of the story.

The director Apurba Banerjee must be given the credit of deftly handling so many plots and subplots in the story. The pace of the film has been maintained well and keeps the audience hooked to it. The film drags occasionally in the second half but that can be overlooked simply for the fact that multiple plots were running simultaneously. The combination of love and politics and the interlinking between the plots have been done deftly by the director.

The music of the film has been composed by Nachiketa and Sudip Chatterjee. The use of the Rabindrasangeet songs has enhanced the feel of the film considerably. Be it “Aguner porosmoni” or “J rate more duarguli” all have been used beautifully in the film. Pallavi Chatterjee, Ipshita, Nachiketa and Sudesh Bhonsle have lent their voices to the songs.

The dialogues are well written and matches well with the tempo of the film. Dialoguses like “Tomar kono oporadh nei etai tomar oporadh” and  “Tui amar chele hobi janle stay order antam” really deserves appreciation.

Pallavi does a great job as Ranjita. Her dialogue delivery, her action sequences all are superbly executed by the actress. Vishal must work on his diction as he sounds a bit non-Bengali. He is just average as Joy. Sampa as Jayanti is also average and does not leave a mark. The icing on the cake is the acting of Sudip Chatterjee as the MLA. He gives such a great performance that you will love to hate him. As the shrewd and evil MLA he stands out. Krishnakishore, Shankar Chakraborty, Amitava Bhattacharya and Arjun Chakraborty with their respective brief roles makes an impact.  Raju Thakkar as Hiralal also does a credible job.

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Prem Yuddho deals with many issues. Even if you are not interested in the love angle, you can still enjoy the film for many other elements punched in the film.