India’s Best Dramebaaz: 12-Year Old Aditya Singhal from Pune

Aditya Singhal wins Prize

Mumbai, May 27 (Washington Bangla Radio / pr4india): Ever since the show went on air in January this year, the whole country has been raving about their talent. Whether it was Hrithik Roshan, David Dhawan, Preity Zinta, Ayushman Khurana, Juhi Chawla or Arjun Kapoor, the l’il actors on India’s Best Dramebaaz have left even the biggest Bollywood stars in awe of their sheer versatility and utter cuteness. So as the show progressed towards its finale, and the competition amongst the Top 6 Dramebaazes took an exciting turn, the audience was left wondering as to who will walk away with the coveted ‘Golden Keeda’ trophy … The country has now announced its verdict … India’s Best Dramebaaz is Pune’s Aditya Singhal!!!

12 year old Aditya raced ahead of his fellow finalists Anjali Astha from Mohali, Chinmay Deshkar from Nagpur, Mehnaaz Mann from Mohali, Nihar Gite from Shirdi, Praneet Sharma from Jaipur and clinched the title amidst much fanfare at the Grand Finale of the show. The son of a publisher and a proof reader, the talented child actor says that the acting ka keeda bit him when he was barely 4 or 5 years old. Right from a tender age, he’d mischievously mimic his parents and other elders at birthday parties and have everyone in splits!

“Even though I am thrilled on winning the show, I just don’t want it to end. India’s Best Dramebaaz has given me so much ... I’ll miss the stage, the performances, Anurag da, Sonali Didi, Vivek Bhaiyya, Rithvik and Ragini Didi. I have learnt so much about acting from all of them and especially my mentor on the show, Alok Ulfat. I have made some very special friends in Chinmay Deshkar of Nagpur and Abhishek from Patna. We used to do a lot of masti on the sets … Unfortunately, both of them fell sick and had to opt out even though they were not eliminated. I feel bad for them but we’ll be friends for life!” said Aditya.

A student of Bishops’s Co-ed School in Pune, Aditya has participated in a lot of state level acting competitions through an acting institute called Natya Sanskar. He idolizes Shah Rukh Khan as he finds the actor very stylish. But his all-time favorite actor is Paresh Rawal who he considers extremely versatile.

So amongst the judges of the show, did he have a favorite? Aditya is quick to say, “Anurag da, without a doubt. He was the one who used to take the maximum interest in our growth and work closely on our performances. He used to give us his critique in the most meticulous manner. He’s extremely warm and affectionate, a genuinely good human being. All of us just loved him!”

His act as a child grumbling about having to play Raavan in his school play, the act where he teamed up with DID L’il Masterswinner Faisal and the magic act with best friend Chinmay where the two played a dwarf remain his most memorable acts from the show. Equally interesting was his act at the grand finale where he enacts the famous “Mere Paas Maa Hai” sequence from Deewar.

What are Aditya’s future plans? Aditya says, “It’s now time to catch up with my studies. While I will focus on procuring good grades at school, I will keep an eye open for acting opportunities and audition for anything interest that comes by. I do wish to be an actor when I grow up, after all!”

Here’s wishing this Dramebaaz the very best in his future endeavors!