Perfect Attendance and Image Makeovers This Week in Disney's “Shake It Up”

Shake it Up on Disney Channel in India

Mumbai, May 29 (Washington Bangla Radio / When Yash realizes that he is considered a boring student because of his perfect attendance and outstanding grades, he decides to go for an image makeover that involves purposely failing a quiz, hanging out with the school toughies and neglecting a crucial assignment!

During his bid to don a ‘cool’ image, Yash does things he has never done before like attending extra classes and avoiding the school library!

However, things go out of hand when the vice-principal of his school deals with Yash’s foolishness with a firm hand. How does Yash come to his senses? How does he realize that being studious does not make one ‘uncool’?

To find out watch “Shake It Up” on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 10 am only on Disney Channel.