Interview: Actress Suneet Kochar on Award Winning Film "Life! Camera Action ..." and more

Suneet Kochar

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Washington, DC, June 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) American actress Suneet Kochar chat's with Minakshi Bajpai on WBRi about her background, her role and experience in the internationally acclaimed, muti-award winning feature film "Life! Camera Action…" and much more. Chicago born Suneet grew up in Philadelphia. Suneet was born into south Asian heritage to parents who migrated to the USA from India.

Suneet plays ‘Lisa’ in the film - an ambitious and talented actress in pursuit of her big break. ‘Lisa’ represents many aspiring actors looking for the opportunity to prove and establish themselves in the industry. “It shows how actors may sometimes lose sight of their path of pursuing their passion”, says Suneet. The authenticity of her performance has been applauded in every screening of Life! Camera Action ... around the world.

The daughter of a genetics researcher at Northwestern and a cardiologist, Suneet is on the fast track to success. As a child she was drawn to the world of science but also had a deep desire to express herself. She later went on to become a pre-med student at Drexel University. Over her academic journey, her inner calling for the arts led her to subsequently pursue a career in arts. She started by exploring music, especially Italian classical songs as well as R&B tunes. Yet, there was something missing, and after realizing that it was harder to find music collaborators than she thought, an opportunity arose to play stand-in, in the independent feature film Asylum Seekers. She was so mesmerized by the set and uninhibited emotion that the actors portrayed that she turned towards cinema - a choice that led her to the opportunity to portray ‘Lisa’ in ‘Life! Camera Action...’.

Suneet has always possessed a penchant for acting since childhood and began to take classes to help develop her skills. She had been bitten by the “acting bug” and while in pursuit of acting, she was informed of a casting call by a class mate at the Lee Strasberg acting school in New York.

After inquiring about what kind of film it was, she found out it was the journey of a young woman in pursuit of the “New York Dream” as she puts it. She found out that there were a few roles to fill and that she should reach out to the director, Rohit Gupta, directly. Immediately she got in touch with the director and by the end of the conversation with Rohit, she had connected with her character and felt a strong desire to portray her correctly. Without a doubt, she wanted to be a part of the vision. She sent Rohit a few samples of her work and was immediately cast as ‘Lisa’.

One of the things that made her want to become a member of the LCA cast was the director’s desire to create this film. “His passion, clarity and willingness to have me come out and put trust in me left me anxiously anticipating the role.” Suneet tells us.

Suneet Kochar dubbing for Life! Camera Action in a studio in New York CitySuneet Kochar dubbing for Life! Camera Action in a studio in New York City
Suneet Kochar dubbing for Life! Camera Action ... at a New York City studio

‘Lisa’ (Suneet), in her quest to give an authentic performance, began to research the role and dive deep into the character. “I thought it would be interesting to investigate her as a person” she shares when asked about her character. She had to rehearse on her Hindi language lines with the director, which she proclaims was a great learning experience.  Her rehearsal proved to be well worth it; her portrayal is brilliantly executed and gives ‘Lisa’ a voice that is being heard all over the world.

Indian American actress Suneet Kochar“The relationship between ‘Lisa’ and ‘Reina’, the film’s lead, changes dramatically in the course of the film” shared Suneet.

Suneet feels that LCA is a film that reflects a certain truth for all women. “In this day and age nationality makes a difference but it isn’t everything … when somebody has a passion or a dream it applies to each person” Suneet proclaims fervently. Her approach to the role reflects her universal view; there is a certain relatable quality to “Lisa” that Suneet brings out in every second of her time on-screen.

Life! Camera Action… continues to receive tremendous international acclaim because of it’s landmark performances, storyline execution, A+ direction and stunning cinematography. The film’s message “Even Impossible says I’m Possible” speaks to the world, and touches people from all walks of life.

As the daughter of an educator and a physician, pursuing academic goals is a trait engrained in Suneet’s DNA. Her pursuit for knowledge led to her stellar performance in LCA, and is the driving force behind all her endeavors. She is a part-time actress and part-time student and is still finding the time to land roles on stage and film. “I am still finishing up my college degree, I took three and a half years away from it”, says Suneet.

We can’t wait to see what is next for this young, beautiful and talented actress, and she has plans to continue her thespian excursion. When asked what was next on her plate “Maybe a year in the corporate world, while still acting. I would like to get into production at some point” Suneet tells us.

"Even impossible says I'm possible" trailer: Life! Camera Action...

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