The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Opens in India: WBRi Film Review

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Kolkata, India, June 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) After nearly 5 years since the last outing, director Marc Webb comes out with the fourth movie in the Spider-Man series with a renewed Andrew Garfield in the garb of Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. The film in 3D is the biggest Hollywood release yet in India with a whooping 1,000 prints, and also released in India a full week before the US release.

The movie attempts to strike some untouched chords in the life of Peter Parker, bringing to life a ferocious nemesis and above all, strengthen the admiration and respect we have for the Marvel Comics hero.

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The film takes root in the familiar and same old premise of the brooding teenager Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finding life tough in school and growing up in the tutelage of his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field).

The inquisitiveness of finding the reason behind his parents’ disappearance gets the better of him when he locates his father’s briefcase which point towards a connection with his long time partner, a research scientist by the name of Dr. Curtis Connors (Rhys Ifan) who works at the research firm Osborne Industries. Unable to contain the curiosity anymore, he snoops around Dr Connors’ office looking for clues, but ends up getting bitten by a spider. As Parker takes cognizance of his superpowers, he realizes with great alarm that a certain danger lurks in the corner. Yes, the very Dr Connors has now transformed into a ferocious lizard and threatens to form an army. The setting is thus clear. Not only does Spider-Man have to find the reasons for his parents’ strange disappearance but he also has to protect the city from the slithering monster.

The Amazing Spider-Man is a package that promises to be a thrilling date at the theaters for the audience simply because of the steadfast plot and the cast of fantastic characters that it carries around with itself. Andrew Garfield from The Social Network fame comes across as the under-confident adolescent, who begins to throw humorous one-liners and play the romantic card as soon as he recognizes his superpowers. Emma Stone adds up the tempo of the movie and romps in the romantic chemistry with Garfield. Indian movie fans will also find great satisfaction in the fact that our very own Irrfan Khan has bagged a prominent role in the movie.

One thing that has to be highlighted above all is the special effects and the action sequences which have been crafted with perfection and edited with absolute finesse. Overall, this superhero action flick from Mark Webb proves to be the perfect midriff entertainer between the multimillion dollar success The Avengers and the highly anticipated Batman's return in The Dark Knight Rises. An absolute action entertainer, it is without doubt a must watch!

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