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Calcutta, June 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Bhallu Sardar, actor Debdut Ghosh’s directorial debut, is about a young boy who wishes to don the Robin Hood robe and become a philanthropic bandit. In spite of an amateurish screenplay, the Bengali feature film is an entertaining watch for the family and does justice to the original story.

The film has been adapted from a story penned by celebrated Bengali writer Saradindu Bandopadhyay. The story revolves around the life of an innocent and adorable youngster Bhallu who gets inspired by a movie that features a bandit Dosshumohan who steals money from rich landlords and donates to the poor. He imbibes the bandit’s principles and starts searching for people who could fit the bill of Naradham – people who are evil at heart and do nasty things to innocent commoners. A couple of people like the watchman and his sister’s tutor fall in his radar, but their redeeming qualities save them from being blacklisted by the little boy.

The film then picks up speed when Bhallu’s uncle gets married and happiness flows into the household. The little boy gets close to his new aunt and shares his dreams and thoughts. Likewise, the aunt gets completely fascinated by Bhallu’s passion to ward off evil and to propound positive vibes in the world around him. But when it comes to the aunt’s family life, it does not turn out to be good and she can be seen sobbing around corridors wishing life did not have to be so cruel.

Bhallu’s uncle happens to be an extremely learned person, who is thoroughly disinterested in leading a normal family life. He happens to marry only due to the pressure by his family. It is here that the movie takes off into an altogether different direction and touches upon the subtle mindset of the little boy who cannot see his aunt cry anymore.

The second half of the film goes on to portray how Bhallu, with his innocent and inquisitive frame of mind attempts to bring back peace and happiness in his family.

The film treads on a thin thread, but with a steadfast plot that contains emotions, feelings and poignant memories. Priyangshu, in the garb of Bhallu, does a wonderful job in the movie and shows the finesse required in a natural actor. Debdut Ghosh as the uncle, Monami Ghosh, as the aunt and Biswajit Chakraborty, as Bhallu’s father, have lent great credibility to their roles and given a solid foundation to the film. The only area where the film seems to have scored a negative point is in the screenplay - it does not stand up to the main plot. Nevertheless, Debdut Ghosh has certainly done a good job with his directorial debut feature film and presents a palatable fare for the audience.

Bengali Children's Movie Bhallu Sardar (2012) Director Debdut Ghosh
Debdut Ghosh, Director, Bhollu Sardar (Bengali, 2012)

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