Teri Meri Kahani (2012) - Love doesn't follow a PLAN, it is DESTINED!!!

Bollywood Hindi Film Poster Teri Meri Kahani (2012)

What is Love?Who the hell is Cupid? Does Love 'at first sight' ever existed? Is it only a figure of speech? Actually, is Love Destined? Yeah, it seems so...just go and watch Kunal Kohli's "Teri Meri Kahani"to experience an absolutely different kind of a movie that is definitely a delight to watch, especially for cine-goers who enjoys movies which are treated in an abstract manner, which are 'different' than the rest......Shahid Kapoor has proved that given an opportunity, he excels like no other once again...

Set in different time zones, the film begins in 1960 with Govind (Shahid Kapoor) an aspiring actor heading for the glitter of the tinsel town, coming to the Bombay (not Mumbai) of Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, trams, spacious roads, ornamental street-lamps, a relaxed milieu and a City of Dreams...With Govind on the train headed to Bombay with Rukhsar (Priyanka Chopra) as his co-passenger the story unfolds in the typical Charlie Chaplin storyboard style, with matching background score, which I believe is 'over-done'!

Settled in a Tourist Lodge somewhere in the city, Govind chances upon his neighbor (Prachi Desai giving a lovey performance and looking 'good' too) and the neighbor fall for Govind.

I the part of the Watson Film Studio as Rukhsar slowly falls into the clutches of Govind's charm, his neighbor too starts falling for this guy.

The turn in the screw comes when Rukhsar and the neighbor's friendship is revealed and they promise  to bring their 'love-interest' along with them to a new film's premiere only to introduce one another.


You can well imagine what must have happened when Govind, Rukhsar and the neighbor comes face to face and the triangle simply smashes... From here the story takes off to the Facebook-Twitter generation of 2012, that too in London where once again they 'meet', I mean, bump into other...In this time-zone they are Krishh Kapoor and Radha and have come to Britain for higher studies when destiny brings them together once again. In this story  there is another character called Meera (note the epic triangle of Krishna - Radha and Meerabai), a fellow student of Krish, who has just broke up with him...actually they never had it going!!!

Here, after quite a few meetings and mis-understandings they come together and the pieces are set into place...The last time zone happens to fall in 1910, in Sargoda Village, Lahore, Pakistan in a colonial India.

Here Shahid Kapoor portrays the role of Javed, a 'pucca' womaniser who chances upon bumping again into a Sikh girl Aradhana (Priyanka Chopra), who happens to be the daughter of a freedom fighter portrayed by Surender Pal. As Javed happens to be quite a happy go luck kind of lazy guy, he doesn't give a single thought  about the British and the their Iron-hand rule, however, after going through lots of ups and downs here and there, Javed joins Priyanka's father's party, primarily to impress Aradhana (Priyanka). He takes part in the 'morcha' by walking and escapes the lathi-charge' by the British out of fear when Aradhana (Priyanka) chances upon seeing him hiding behind a tanga, simply rejects him for his cowardice.

Now Javed becomes determined to win her back...to do likewise he trips and pushes a British Police officer into a pile of Cow dung, smearing his face in it. When chased by the hawaldars, he surrenders himself only in front of Aradhana's (Priyanka Chopra) house, where he is severely beaten up by the on-duty police. Javed (Shahid Kapoor) is soon arrested and thrown in the jail...and Priyanka comes to meet him there and spend some time together...


However, fate once again flips for a grey vista. After 3 years when Javed comes back from the prison he learns of Aradhana's marriage. His life is shattered, however after a few months he agrees to get married and settle down at his dad's request, where Priyanka comes down to meet him for the last time,clad in white, as she's a widow now! Before the 'Malulavi' (Muslim Marriage Priest) can make him say 'Qabul Hai', Javed jumps up from his position and catches Aradhana (Priyanka Chopra) by her hand and proposes to her...they get married.

Cut shots comes flashing at a break0neck speed of the 1960 and 2012 episodes too where Govind - Rukhsar and Krishh - Radha finally unite. And destiny prevails......

Music by Sajid -Wajid is very hummable but the 1960 episode song - "UFF" happens to take the cake by being one of the most shimmering songs I've heard in many years with R. D. Burman style music arrangement, with full Brass Section enhancing the flavor of the song by a thousand times.The 1910 episode "Jane, Allah Jane" is also a gem of a composition. The 2012 episode songs "Mukhtasar" and "That's all I wanna..." sounds a tad plasticky and simply fails to hold one's attention...Performance by Shahid Kapoor alone is a delight to watch compared to the performance by Priyanka Chopra, which happens to border on the 'artificial'. Casting of Priyanka is wrong here in this film, especially where Shahid is playing opposite her, only because she is just an average performer who perfectly matches with an average  or below average actor Shahrukh Khan, I wonder from where he got the "King Khan" Title? Aamir, is undoubtedly the King among all the Khans...

A film review by Nilanjan Nandy: nilanjan.nandy@gmail.com