Models Blaze Ramp at One Love! One Passion! Bollywood Themed Fashion Show in Washington DC

One Love! One Passion! Standup Comedy, Fashion Show & Bollywood Dance Party

Fashion Show Washington DC BollywoodWashington, DC, June 25, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Beautiful models from the cultural melting pot of the Washington DC area displayed remarkable Indian and western designs to a packed house on June the 23rd at the I Lounge of I, the Indian Experience in Washington, DC.

The event showcased elegant designs from the latest collection of She'r Elegance. Headed by renowned Fashion Designer Nadia, McLean VA based She'r Elegance is a leading independent designer boutique whose designs build on the success of Bollywood as a global phenomenon and find considerable appeal to the growing number of South Asians and Americans with Asian heritage as well as mainstream American population.

The Fashion Coordinator was Jyoti Mahajan of Frederick, Maryland, winner of many awards including the Mrs. India International crown in 2010 and a Mrs. America runner-up in 2009. Jyoti is also a reality TV star.

The show was hosted by two beautiful MCs - Isha Roy and Shilpa Gogna who is the winner of Miss India DC 2011 and Miss India Florida 2005 awards.

The show started off with Isha Roy introducing the audience to a surprise dance performance by Sonali.

The fashion show was preceded by an entertaining standup comedy act by Irwin Loring. The audience had a blast after the show till wee hours of the morning dancing to numbers played by one of DC's finestr DJs, DJ Ali and energetic Dholi played bu Jay Kansara.

The event was presented by Manan Singh Katohora and Tejash Natali in association with SANE and Elite DC Events.

The models at the show chatted with Shilpa Gogna and shared a bit about themselves with the audience:

  • Karen is from Costa Rica and has been modelling since 17. Has her own Construction Cleaning Business in VA
  • Nancy is indebted to her mother for inspiring her to enter the world of fashion. She is a US Marine.
  • Amy Jat is from Thailand and her love for America was applauded by the audience.
  • Christina Poindexter is from Puerto Rico and is modelling for four years now.
  • Jyoti Mahajan of Frederick, Maryland is winner of many awards including the Mrs. India International crown in 2010 and a Mrs. America runner-up in 2009. Jyoti is also a reality TV star.
  • Zara won the Miss India DC crown in 2010 and is currently Miss Virginia 2011 and is also going for Miss Guyana Universe 2012
  • Stephanie Vivanco is winner of the Miss Chile crown. She started modeling at 13 and has been doing so for six years now.
  • Janella started modeling in 2004 and is from Bolivia. She arrived in the United States in 2003.
  • Christina Haskins has always been interested in fashion starting from her years with Barbie doll.
  • Brittnie Lanae has been modeling since she was 10 years old. She is also a designer and her dress for the evening is one of her own creations.

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