BRAVE (2012) WBRi Movie Review - a Feisty Heroine in Animated 3D

Hollywood Animated Movie Poster BraveKolkata, India, June 23, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) ‘Brave’ is an ambitious venture coming hot on the tray from the animation factory of Pixar and loaded with a lot of expectations. It stands out as the first Disney / Pixar movie to have a female protagonist and therefore hopes to ruffle a few feathers among the critics’ closet. The film certainly has a rich flair in depicting the beautiful locations, settings and the rough sketches of the characters. The director duo of Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman have tread very carefully in crafting out this movie and assuring the audience of a fun ride at the multiplexes. But it still fails to reach the virtuous elegance and finesse that previous ventures from Pixar had. Although the visuals are indeed exciting and full of prospects, the film misses out on making the emotional connect with the audience.

The setting of the film is the 10th century Scotland era where castles and meadows form an integral part of the picturesque background. The movie revolves around the life of a young Scottish princess ‘Merida’ who is adventurous and physically agile by nature. Frustrated by the usual traditions associated with princesses and her mother ‘Queen Elinor’s over-controlling nature, she strives to walk free in the open and practice hunting with the bow and arrow gifted by her father ‘King Fergus’. The frustration and aggravation of the princess snaps when three prospective suitors from three different lands come asking for her hand. Breaking out of the royal shackles, ‘Merida’ runs out in search of her own true destiny. She encounters a witch who gives her an enchanted tart, which in turn must be given to her mother. But upon eating the tart, her mother turns into a bear. Now as the mother and daughter race against time to reverse the wicked spell before the next sunrise, the film tries to examine the fragile, but precious strands of love that exists between a mother and a daughter.

Trailer: Brave (2012)

Coming out of the closet of the usual lovey-dovey and childish girly fairy tales, ‘Brave’ attempts to display the feisty attitude of a girl who wishes to not be chained and bound by material constraints. She also wants to point out the fact that in life, true bravery comes unconditionally when you tread on a path less taken and design your fate according to your own preferences. The 3D animations are also good and blend in with the plot really well. Kelly Macdonald for ‘Merida’, Billy Connolly for ‘Fergus’ and Emma Thompson for ‘Elinor’ have done commendable voice-overs for the principal characters.

The movie fails in its entirety simply because it does not rise to the standards of the very factory that it comes from – Pixar. ‘Brave’ could be a blemish on the company’s list of feature animation films that includes the likes of ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Wall-E’ which garnered the appreciation of worldwide film critics. The preachy nature of the movie harping on the intimacy of the mother-daughter relationship also will tend to disappoint the viewers. But nevertheless, it is a ‘brave’ attempt from Pixar and promises to be an adventurous ride at the cinemas. The movie would also augment well for the little girls out there who dream of breaking the conventional shackles and live the life of a free bird.