Contestants Floor Sharman Joshi - Boman Irani for UTV STARS Lux The Chosen One

Mumbai, June 18, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / A show that began with an eventful 5 city audition is getting more and more exciting by the day! What with contestants revealing different shades of their personality and flooring celebrity judges with their wit and charm!

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This week’s episode featured the versatile Sharman Joshi and the multi – talented Boman Irani. Together they formed the perfect task setters one could ask for. They started with challenging the girls with funny sounding Hindi tongue twisters and went on to make them act out different roles and scenes with them!

Some of the roles being that of a wannabe heroine begging the director (in this case Boman) for a role and trying to seduce him; a naagin with the tantric (in this case Sharman Joshi) and so on!

In fact some of the girls got so involved in the task that they started flirting with Boman. Boman was stunned at their lack of fear! But he recovered soon and went on to pull Sharman’s legs who himself was floored by each of these girls!

Don’t forget to tune in to this episode of UTV STARS presents Lux The Chosen One, featuring Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani as they gear up to play the tough task masters, this Saturday, 17th June 2012, at 7 pm only on UTV STARS!