STAR Jalsha Chalo Paltai at Golpark Kolkata: TV Actors Grace Bengali Entertainment Channel’s Promotional Event

Bengali TV Actress Rupanjana Mitra
Rupanjana Mitra

Kolkata, June 19, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Pening Creations) STAR Jalsha (a service of News Corporation of USA headed by Rupert Murdoch) since its inception, has always been associated with classy and enjoyable Bengali serials and programs. Over a relatively short period of time, the channel has been able to win over the hearts of television viewers with offerings that had the perfect blend of style, sophistication and Bangaliana. Well, there is some good news for all the STAR Jalsha fans out there! The immensely popular channel is set to wow viewers even more, with a complete image makeover (complete with a revamped logo, new daily soaps and big movie premieres). If the road show that the channel arranged on the 18th of June at Golpark was any indication, STAR Jalsha would indeed remain the channel to watch out for!

Sreetoma Jhilik Maa Payel De Alo Bodhu Kon Alo Laglo Chokhe
Sreetoma and Payel De

The promotional proceedings kicked off just after 4:00 pm, with the arrival of several crew and staff members of STAR Jalsha at the designated venue – the Golpark crossing. The young employees cut quite a pretty picture on the afternoon, with the ladies dressed in beautiful sarees (worn the traditional Bengali way!) and the men looking dapper in their dhuti-panjabi attire.

Bengali TV Serial Anchol Actress Tushu
"Tushu" from Anchol

STAR Jalsha has always believed in keeping the interests and the preferences of viewers in mind while deciding upon the programs that would be aired on the channel and audience involvement was a prime feature of this promotional event as well. The smiling STAR Jalsha crew members caught up with interested onlookers for brief tete-a-tete sessions. The visibly delighted people (after all, who does not love to be shown live on television?!) were asked questions that tested their basic knowhow about Bengali culture. General feedback about the channel’s programs was also sought from the public.

Bengali TV Serial Actor Raja Goswami
Raja Goswami

The afternoon STARted to really pick up pace with the arrival of well-known television STARs, who STARred in some of the most popular serials of STAR Jalsha. First to drop in on the scene were Rupanjana Mitra (who plays an important role in the daily serial ‘Anchol’), Raja Goswami (seen as ‘Om’ in ‘Bhalobasha dot com’) and the lovely young actress who plays the central character (‘Tushu’) in ‘Anchol’.

The artists were at their vibrant best, interacting with the media representatives and posing for the press photographers. The trio also lent their voices to the ‘Notun Bangali’ number that was being belted out by golden-wigged guitarists. The atmosphere had a distinct Durga Puja-feel to it too – thanks to the sound of ‘dhaak’ that filled the air on the occasion. As one of the female crew members of STAR Jalsha correctly pointed out, only a channel of STAR Jalsha’s stature could arrange such a grand function on the road!

The celebrities also took the opportunity to promote their respective serials that are aired on STAR Jalsha. The lovely ‘Tushu’ stated that Anchol was a rather unique serial that had a saree as one of the most important elements of the entire storyline. She also requested viewers to check out the serial on television (Mon-Sat, 9:00 pm). Rupanjana Mitra also revealed that her character in Anchol was at constant loggerheads with that of ‘Tushu’. Along with Raja Goswami, the two ladies also released colorful gas balloons as part of the promotional campaigns for the new-look STAR Jalsha. It was indeed refreshing to see such big STARs break into childlike giggles as the balloons soared high up into the air. Rupanjana proclaimed with evident pride ‘Amra paaltey gechhi’! (the channel and its programs have switched over to an entirely new look and feel). We are already hooked on!

More STARs made their appearance at the Golpark crossing for the road show as well. Payel De (of Behula and Bodhu Kon Alo Laglo Chokhey fame) and Sreetoma (who STARs in the serial ‘Maa’) arrived soon enough at the location, sending the photographers into a fresh frenzy of clicking. The gorgeous and fresh-faced STARs briefly posed for the camera, before moving on to join the ‘Notun Bangali’ anthem with the guitarists. It was a tribute to the efficient way in which STAR Jalsha promotes its serials (and indeed, the sheer quality of the programs!) to see how even casual strollers were aware of at least the screen names of all the television celebrities on show.

The crew members and support staff of STAR Jalsha also deserved kudos for managing the event in a thoroughly professional manner. The way in which they patiently requested the crowd (which had swelled to a considerably large volume!) to keep off the roads, so that the normal traffic-flow was not disrupted spoke a great deal about their social responsibilities too. STAR Jalsha represents glamour, fun and entertainment, but certainly not at the cost of its community-based obligations.

With the hands of the clock moving beyond 5:30 pm and the STARs having already departed from the venue, it was time for the STAR Jalsha crew to wrap up the show. The afternoon had been a relatively cool and pleasant one (a welcome break from the heat wave of the previous week!), and that definitely contributed to the roaring success of the road show. It is always a delight to see our favorite on-screen characters in real life, and this event was no exception!

STAR Jalsha has marked a niche for itself as a pioneer in the world of Bengali entertainment television. With radical changes being done to create a whole new image for the channel, viewers can now expect bigger, better and more enjoyable serials, movies and other programs!