Training Andrew Garfield for Amazing Spider-Man

Mumbai, June 19, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Emma Stone did not have to do much stunt work for The Amazing Spider-man but it is sure something Andrew Garfield really had to work hard on. The Armstrongs worked closely with Webb on increasing the level of practical stunt work for our new spider-man.

Andrew Garfield is heard to have trained himself under the guidance of the Armstrongs for over three months doing trampoline work, power core moves, perfecting basketball skills, as well as martial arts, gymnastic and parkour work, all with instruction from some of the top people in the world in each discipline.

Not only did Andrew learn these skills but he turned out to be quiet an observer agrees Marc Webb the director. “I think one of the traits which makes Spider-Man so interesting is how quickly he can moves, how fast he is,” notes Webb.  “Spiders are tiny creatures that can move with incredible speed and efficiency, and that was important to reflect in the character.  Andrew spent a lot of time studying how spiders moved, and he came up with a body language that felt spider-like.  His work ethic and performance is just extraordinary – it was remarkable to watch.”

“Andrew gave 200% to everything he tried.  He is one of the most dedicated actors I’ve ever seen go through this process,” says Andy Armstrong.  “His willingness to try anything really was extraordinary, and he ended up doing some really gnarly action bits on the film.”

How very impressive these stunts will be will be revealed when the Sony Pictures film releases on 29th June, a week ahead of USA.