Interview: Actress NINA MEHTA on Rohit Gupta's Award-Winning Feature Film "Life! Camera Action ..." and more

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Film Actress Nina MehtaWashington, DC, June 18, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Indian-American actress Nina Mehta plays a short but remarkably memorable and humorous role in multiple award-winning flick Life! Camera Action .... In an informal conversation with WBRi’s Gurjeet Singh, the bubbly actress reveals a lot about her early life, her experiences while shooting for Life! Camera Action ...,  her future plans and a whole lot more.

Nina Mehta comes across as a charming personality as she exchanges greetings with Gurjeet. The confidence of the young actress is apparent in her voice. Nina grew up in New Jersey and had always nurtured ambitions to become an actress. However, Nina has been prudent enough to wait for the right moment before deciding to take up formal acting lessons. She recounts with a chuckle how she used to perform ‘one-woman shows’ at her home, right from the tender age of five. She was fortunate enough to have her parents as the ‘captive audience’ of her performances. The latter were, on their part, extremely sweet and supportive at their daughter’s initial endeavors of becoming an actress.

Trailer: Life! Camera Action... - A film by Rohit Gupta

The actress reveals that she had started out with a movie that revolves around the life of a teenager.

Life! Camera Action... is the latest venture in the career of Nina. She first met Rohit Gupta, the writer/producer/director of Life! Camera Action..., during an audition. A quick spotter of talent, Rohit had asked Nina if she was interested in working in his latest film.

Nina has fond memories of her shooting stints while working for Life! Camera Action.... The actress sounds grateful as she says that the thought processes of director Rohit Gupta had been perfectly in sync with her own and this had allowed her to perform at her best in the film. In fact, says Nina, she had a great deal of fun during the making of Life! Camera action.... Nina has essayed the role of a young actress in the film who comes to audition for Reina (Played by Actress Dipti Mehta). On this count, she can actually relate to her character as well, for Nina, in real life too, is so much in love with the acting profession. She could discover a whole lot of things about the experience of being an actress while doing this movie.

Actress Nina Mehta & Actor Shaheed K Woods on the sets of Life! Camera Action...
Actress Nina Mehta & Actor Shaheed K Woods on the sets of Life! Camera Action...

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION… is a timeless classical film that narrates a story of a young next door girl Reina (played by New York based, actress Dipti Mehta) in pursuit of her dreams against all odds supported by an award winning inspirational song “Chalte Jaana Hain” (have to keep walking) written by Gupta, music by Manoj Singh and sung by renowned Bollywood singer KK. It has recently come to the notice of the international film community that LCA is the first feature-length film made by an Indian filmmaker shot with a two member crew in the US that has taken the international film festival circuit by storm across the planet. Silicon India Magazine recently named the film as “One of the top 10 Most Outstanding Movies of all time made by Indian Americans (till-date)” along-side the masters of the art; M. Night Shyamalan (The SIXTH SENSE, UNBREAKABLE), Mira Nair (NAMESAKE, MISSISSIPPI MASALA) & Deepa Mehta (EARTH, FIRE) among others. We salute the art of movie-making, Rohit and his team for creating such an inspirational phenomenon.

Kudos to Gupta and the team for creating such a wave in the international film scene and putting another feather in India’s cap. It is also a launch pad for many of the team members in the film including actors and post-production team members who have won their first, second and third international awards.

Moving on to her other projects, Nina tells us about her theater company The Collective NY ( She also has another project in the pipeline, which would soon be ready. Mehta hopes that her future assignments would also be a nice and enjoyable as well as a learning experience.

Reflecting on her future plans, Ms. Mehta says that would simply love to work in Bollywood, as and when an opportunity comes beckoning. She is, of course, already doing theater in New York. She rightly points out one needs to keep an open mind as an actor while selecting projects. There is hardly any scope for a professional artist to be judgmental, she added.

Apart from acting, Nina says that she also has a passion for writing as well. Lively as she is, Nina Mehta definitely is not fond of spending idle moments! Mehta and her fellow-artists and crew members believed in the director’s capabilities and this team effort has given LIFE! CAMERA ACTION...all its charisma. Here is wishing Nina all the very best from us at WBRi.

Gurjeet Singh is a Financial Analyst by profession and lives in Germantown, Maryland in the Washington DC metro area. A great enthusiast of Indian-American cultural exchanges, Gurjeet is also an avid  music lover. In her free time she dabs in some water color painting and loves to go on long walks. Gurjeet can be reached at guri070555 [at] yahoo [dot] com.