Cocktail (2012) Music Review

Mumbai, June 15, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Cocktail music album is out and from the audience reaction we are assured that it is here to stay. Pritam has surely struck a pot of gold with this album and has been receiving appreciation for the same.  The album has 10 songs and the audience is already raving about the music. The music videos have received over 2 million views, one look of the video is just not satisfactory.

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The first track ‘Tumhi Ho Bandhu’ is the perfect way to start the album, the song is peppy, fresh and definitely has its listeners tapping to the tune. ‘Daaru Desi’ is a relaxed contemporary track, a song one would listen to while relaxing with their friends.  The vocals and the lyrics of the song ‘Yaariyaan’ are already a hit and are trending amongst the audiences. Another famous track ‘Jugni’ has the feel of a classic Punjabi folk song. The other songs of the movie are ‘Luttna’, ‘Tere naam japti phiran’ and ‘Second hand jawani’ which have also received accolades from the audience. The music album also has various versions of the same tracks.

Overall the music is definitely a thumbs up and the album guarantees the listeners will tune into it on loop! Music lovers are sure to satisfy their craving for great music with the ‘Cocktail’ album.