Film Preview: Siddhartha Das' ILLUSION 2012

Poster of Illusion 2012 - A Film by Siddhartha Das

Calcutta, June 15, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Film-maker Siddhartha Das is expected to complete shooting for his short film "Illusions 2012" by end of June. Das is the writer, director, editor and producer of the film.

"To make a successful film you don't need big money or celebrities, all you need is sheer intelligence, integrity and innovation", said Das. He has written scripts and assisted direction and production for Tollywood Kolkata Bangla movies and directed and edited digital films, short films, tele films and commercials for overseas Film Festivals, Bollywood and Tollywood productions and southern California-based indie film-makers.


Certain times it so happens that people get scared of rumors and talks that spreads around them and it disturbs their daily life up to an extent.

Especially it effects on the child brain and they get confused within themselves. At times it is been carried away a bit far by these kids.

Illusion 2012 is a story of a young boy who gets confused to an extent that he starts believing that the world is going to get destroyed in december2012 as per the news, films, talks it is been published. This really affects him up to an extent as such that he gets mentally sick.

When a child suffers from this sort of a situation it is the parent’s duty to take them out of such mental trauma, being strong and with logic so these types of things never ever affects them in their life. This is what the mother of the child does and gets away the fear from her child and teaches him to live with reality and not withillusions.