Live Out Loud - Bindass Dance Squad Connects Chords Again

Mumbai, June 1, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Live Out Loud is back to help people speak their heart out. This week a friendship gone sour gets a chance at revival. It’s a brand new story, new setting and a new message on ‘Live Out Loud’.

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What happens when one of your best friends becomes so ambitious and self centered that they actually think that you are a big distraction in their path and they use every way possible to side track you? bindass’® new show ‘Live Out Loud’ presents one such story this week. Dilshad and Madhuri are best friends who share a passion for music and perform together as a band. They were doing decently well as a band but eventually Dilshad started dominating and making decisions as she was the more popular of the two. She goes to the extent of ditching the bandat the last minute and leaves for US which in turn affects Madhuri’s career. Dilshad now feels guilty that she ditched her best friend and more importantly her band. She has not spoken to Madhuri in these 3 years and now she wants to break the ice. Dilshad is not alone asshe has help from the team of ‘Live Out Loud’ and the magic of bindass® Dance Squad to support her!

Be it proposals, apologies or even demanding your boss for that appraisal…‘Live Out Loud’ has the most creative solutions. The magic of bindass® Dance Squad has just begun…so grab your chance to Live Out Loud as it’s Now or Never.

Watch Live Out Loud – Its Now or Never on bindass®on Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 7 pm

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