SAB TV Presents "Hasi Ki Jung" with combined cast of Lapataganj and Chidiyaghar

Mumbai, May 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / SAB TV, India’s leading family entertainment channel, will air a special maha combo-episode involving the cast of Lapataganj and Chidiyaghar on May 27th at 7 pm. The episode titled ‘Hasi Ki Jung’ has the entire Narayan family from Chidiyaghar visiting Lapataganj to participate in a cultural programme to pay a tribute to Kesari Narayan’s (Rajendra Gupta) school friend and Mukandi Lal’s father Sugandhi Lal Gupta.

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The one-hour fun filled episode has performances by all the artists. Mukandi Lal (Rohitashv)will recite a poem dedicated to his wife, Kesari Narayan (Rajendra Gupta)will regale the audiences with a humorous story, Mayuri (Debina) will present a special dance performance on song from Rudali, Biji Pandey aka Abbas Khan will perform a nagin dance ,Gomukh and Kapi (Sumit Arora & Saransh) –Badndar madari act,Gadha Prasad(Jeetu Shivre) and Kastoori will present a dance performance, Indumati and Koel (Sucheta Khanna & Shilpa Shinde) will entertain audiences on Kajra Mohabbat wala with a scintillating dance performance,Mausi (Shubhangi Gokhale ) will sing a folk song and kids too will come together and perform various acts.

Rajendra Gupta, speaking about the combo-episode said, “It will be fun shooting this episode with the Lapataganj team. It’s a mahaepisode and with characters from both the shows and various performances lined up audiences will have lots to look forward too. We too had a great time shooting with Shubhangi, Rohitashv, Sucheta , Abbas etc. I am actually looking forward to see this episode on air and relive all the moments.”

Rohitashv Gaur aka Mukandi Lal Gupta in Lapataganj said, “Chidyaghar is a very popular show. So the opportunity to shoot Hasi ki Jung was sone pe suhaga. I am sure we are thoroughly going to enjoy ourselves on the shoot. It will create a feeling like we are all one big family enjoying as much like the families who watch our show.”

All the kids of Chidiyaghar and Lapataganj are also pitching in with their group performances followed by a skit by Mama,Eliza, Lallan and Chameli(Anoop, Krishna, Kajal, Gunjan).Come join us and watch Hasi Ki Jung-Special combo episode of Lapataganj -Chidiyaghar and enjoy a fun filled weekend with SAB TV !!!

Tune in to SAB TV on May 27th at 7 pm to catch this special fun-filled maha combo-episode.