Interview: A Tete-a-tete with the Gorgeous Actress-Model Preity Uupala

Preity Uupala

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Seattle, WA, June 9, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) While there are many people in this world who stumble upon new discoveries and turnarounds in life, Preity Uupala belongs to the genre of people who have been discovered by destiny and brought along in the right path of life. The exquisitely beautiful actress-model was captured in a photo shoot in Sydney when she was 16, where she subsequently took up modeling and later moved to Los Angeles, USA. Not only beautiful but also remarkably smart, Preity won the Miss India International AP crown in 2012, Miss India Portugal in 2011 and Miss Photogenic International. She was chosen to 3 film awards at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in China in 2010 where she shared the stage with, and was honored by, asian superstar Jackie Chan. Preity Uupala is a global citizen who loves to travel and get to know different customs of people across the world. In this exclusive audio interview with Marian Chakraborty, Preity opens her heart to reveal glimpses of her childhood, her dreams and aspirations in the entertainment industry.

Preity studied acting at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) Sydney, Alma-mater of numerous superstars like Mel Gibson and Cate Blanchett. Preity also holds two graduate degrees in B.Tech and a B.Marketing and was offered a scholarship to study for a Ph.D. She has worked as an investment banker and has traveled all over the world on work.

Preity UupalaAfter a friendly exchange of pleasantries, the interview got off to a start with Preity describing her childhood days and the transition from a little girl to a responsible professional. She recounted how exciting and magical her childhood days were when she used to travel from one country to the other with her parents, thus learning and understanding new things on the way. Born in Dubai to Portuguese-Indian parents, she had the rare opportunity of spending most of her childhood travelling and staying in different countries. The journey that started in Dubai went through Paris, Sydney, New York to Los Angeles, California. Preity also remarks that she has been to at least 35 countries!

When asked about her feelings for Los Angeles, she said that this is where she feels close to home and this is also the place where she feels that she is destined to be at. The conversation then traversed into Preity’s young adulthood when she took the decision of taking up modeling assignments and have a serious approach towards acting. Preity Uupala goes into flashback mode and relates the time when she graduated from Sydney University with a honors degree in IT and Advertising. Soon she struck good jobs where she worked in various positions for investment banks and consultancy firms. But Preity admits that all those jobs were “procedural” and demanding and there was never any fulfillment in it for her. It was pure coincidence that the was asked to relocate to another country for her job, something she did not want to do at that point in her life. So once the contract was over, she did not continue. Being unemployed, Preity relates that she used to go for interview after interview but was unable to secure another position. She had been used to being offered jobs that she was not even qualified for, as her interview and presentation skills were remarkable, so this was unexplainable situation, but the universe had plans of its own for her.  

Destiny soon found her when a friend, after noticing her online profile, advised her to go for a beauty pageant. She won the pageant and things fell into place as she found herself getting enrolled at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Kensington near Sydney. Apart from NIDA, Preity also studied method acting from a school run by Russian artist Natela Dzuliashvili.

When asked about her career goals and dreams, she replies with firm conviction that she aims to inspire and empower people through her work, which includes acting, writing and speaking. She believes that in the way destiny has brought her towards acting, the very same way she would reach where she is destined to reach. When asked about her take on Bollywood, she says that it is an industry which is gaining worldwide importance with each passing day, especially with films from India represented at international film festivals.  She also adds that if there are good projects from India with good writing and dialogue, she is definitely game.

When enquired about her current projects, Preity talks about a TV show that she is currently working on that is scheduled for broadcast both in the USA as well as India. She also has quite a number of projects in the pipeline such as commercials. She is also one of the judges at two film festivals taking place in China and Russia.

As for the question of where she would see herself 5 or 10 years down the line, she admits 5 years is an eternity. She is currently writing a book and 10 years down the line, she may have authored a couple of more books. She would also like to see herself flourishing in the Television and film industry.

Asked to reveal her secrets of beauty and fitness, Preity Uupala admits to having an insatiable appetite and being particularly  fond of French food and delicious pastries. Chocolate is something that she just cannot resist! On a serious note, Preity reveals that she does a lot of yoga, meditation and outdoor travel. These traits, along with a terrific natural metabolism are in fact the very reasons why she remains in shape and happy.

Preity leaves us for now with thoughtful words - she believes the universe will take care of the details if one's intentions are clear. Join WBRi in wishing Preity Uupala a spectacular career and even greater achievements.

Guest: Preity Uupala
Host: Marian Chakraborty
Audio Recording, Editing: Supratim Sanyal
Article - Penning Creations, Kolkata

Marian Chakraborty, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, has been studying Rabindrasangeet for 11 years primarily under Mrs. Rama Banerjee of Pittsburgh and also under Sri Rano Guhathakurta of Kolkata. She learned Bengali at the University of Washington, Seattle, under the late Dr. Carol Salomon, renowned translator of Lalon Giti. A clinical and forensic psychologist by profession, Marian has participated in numerous cultural programs with the Bengali Cultural Society of Cleveland and has also served on the board. Other passions include translation of Rabindrasangeet.