Emraan Hashmi as Jogi Parmar, the Shanghai (2012) Movie Icon

Emran Hashmi as Jogi Parmar, the ShanghaIcon
Jogi Parmar, the ShanghaIcon

Mumbai, June 8, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) As the film Shanghai hits the theaters, the reviews by the critics have already stunned the audience and urged them to watch the movie. As the film is anyways doing good with it script, the character of Emran Hashmi a.k.a Jogi Parmar is now the talk of the town.

A common man with paunch and a camera on his hand called Jogi Parmar has been liked by the people a lot. Emran Hashmi has worked a lot for thus character ans this has been seen in Shanghai. Daily pasta has worked for him and the dialogues added to the charm of his character.

This is the first time Emran Hashmi has gone to a complete makeover and also impressed the viewers. Dibaker Banarjee rightly said that Emraan Hashmi can easily mould himself into any character and that’s what he did.

The audiences have appreciated the character and the way Emran Hashmi has performed. It is totally a fresh role and now it is said that Emraan is one of the most versatile actor in this industry.

The movie released on 8th June 2012 and is now screening at the theaters near you.