Internationally Acclaimed Singer Sounak Chattopadhyay Releases "NUTON O SHONATON DUI” (Part 2) Album in Kolkata

Joy Sarkar, Lopamudra Mitra,Sounak Chattopadhyay and Pratyush Bannerjee
Joy Sarkar (left), Lopamudra Mitra,Sounak Chattopadhyay and Pratyush Bannerjee

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Kolkata June 4, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) In a time when western and hard rock metal bands are slowly and gradually proliferating among the Indian youth, it is indeed a happy sight to see that traditional music, rooted in Indian culture, is still being followed and ardently pursued by young people. The music release of ‘Nuton O Shonaton Dui’ by Times Music that was held at the Park Street Music World was a testament to the above fact. The album features compositions by Sounak Chattopadhyay (interview) that are a fusion of classical and Rabindrasangeet genres of music.

The album was launched together by famed Bengali singer Lopamudra Mitra (interview) and her husband Joy Sarkar (interview).  The album comes riding upon the success that its sequel “Nuton o Shonaton Rabindranath” achieved way back in the year 2010 and is expected to top the music charts and get a good reception from the audience. Along with Sounak, special mention will also go to Pratyush Banerjee who has been the music arranger of the album and also his team of technicians who have worked arduously in the album.

“I have been in the industry for the past 17 years and there are very few people I have met who have a successful combination of a good artist and a good human being. It was during the 2009 Banga Sammelan that I met Sounak for the first time and after hearing him, I knew that he is going to go a long way. Sounak is like my younger brother and it is indeed a joyous occasion for me to be a part of his album launch. My advice to Sounak is to go up the ladder gradually or otherwise the fall from such a height could turn out to be painful”, remarked Lopamudra Mitra before launching the album.

Joy Sarkar also chimed in with a few words of praise for Sounak Chattopadhyay, who he claims to be extremely hard working, dedicated and one who believes in the professional learning of both classical music as well as Rabindrasangeet. “An album release is an important day in the life of every artist and I’m really happy for Sounak. Sounak has this unique quality to search for innovations and to go beyond the stereotypic notions associated with classical and Rabindrasangeet genre of music. I feel that credit must also go to music arranger Pratyush Banerjee and sound recordist Gautam Basu who have done a great job with the album”, said Joy Sarkar prior to the launch of the album.

After Joy Sarkar, it was Pratyush Banerjee’s turn to say a few words about the album and his expectations from the venture. “Joy Sarkar has already done some exemplary work when it comes to improvisations and experimentation with compositions from Rabindra Sangeet. In this album, me and my technicians have tried to come up with new ideas in music arrangement as there was no ample navigation space to tweak with the originals”, added Pratyush.

After thanking all the people present at Music World, Sounak said that he had high expectations from the album. With Sounak’s magical voice ringing in the background, the album was finally launched and the event ended on a happy note becoming a symbol of Indian classical music getting the recognition that it deserves, especially from the youth.

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