Emma Stone: The Leading Lady of Amazing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone in Amazing Spider-man 3D (2012)

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone in Amazing Spider-man 3D (2012)

Mumbai, June 6, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The buzz in the town has confirmed the arrival of the new spider-man, Andrew Garfield. All the while holding his girlfriend as he swings off to another building should have been a fun part to do for Andrew, as the girl in his arms was the girl who rules his heart.

Emma Stone, who will be seen essaying the key role of Spider-man’s girlfriend in the film The Amazing Spider-man, is the heart stopper of the American-English actor in the real life as well!

Emma and Andrew have been dating for a year now and rumor has it they have even moved in together. The couple will be seen in the Sony Pictures movie that hits the Indian theatres on 29th June.

In the past, off-screen chemistry of the Bollywood couples like Kareena- Saif, John-Bipasha, Abhishek-Aishwarya has brought magic on-screen. But will this young Hollywood couple mesmerize the Indian audience in much the same way? The question gets answered only once the movie releases!