Bollywood Movie "Second Marriage Dot Com" to Challenge Taboo on Re-Marrying in India

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Mumbai, June 5, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) A marriage is a huge celebration in India and a second marriage is regarded as much a taboo! But the times are changing and the thoughts are developing. Based on one such concept is the film “Second Marriage dot com”

Producer Vinod Mehta of Vin Mehta Films says, “When a young, dynamic director like Gaurav approached me and narrated the story I promptly said yes because the concept of Second Marriage dot com is unique. And it suggests that second marriages are not a problem but a solution to all our problems that loneliness brings. This film does not have big stars but I believe that a film is appreciated not by stars but by the concept it voices!”

The story begins when Akshay ,a young IT Professional of Delhi embarks on a journey to find his widower father, Suneel Narang, a perfect match and put an end to his loneliness. The story progresses as the apt match is found in a divorcee mother Shoma via a matrimony site “Second”. The efforts put in by Akshay, Suneel’s son and Poonam, Shoma’s daughter to bring their parents close are paid off as the two tie a knot. It does look like dawn of happiness when a spine-chilling twist is added to the story. Poonam and Akshay speak their soul out to each other and gradually fall for each other.

The story is based on much researched facts; it challenges the society norms and brings out the best of drama, comedy, romance, guilt and all human emotions. Talking about the film the documentary filmmaker Gaurav Panjwani, who makes a debut in the mainstream cinema with this film, says, “India has always been progressive in nature but talking about the second marriage especially in metro cities was considered to be a taboo. However, over the years even that has changed. To get to the reality I met many middle-aged divorcees and widowers and found an urge in them to find themselves a soul mate. This urge was also prominent in women folks I met. Adding to such a feeling was a support lent by the children of these loners. This really moved me and I was sure to make a movie on it!

The movie is produced by Vin Mehta Films and is directed by a debutant Gaurav Panjwani. The film stars Mohit Chauhan , Vishal Nayak , Sayani Gupta , Charu Rohtagi , Manjeet Tiger  and Nikita More in the lead roles.

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