Red Ribbon Releases JAL SHANTI Album Feat. Rakesh Chaurasia, Lalitya Munshaw and Sanjay Prasad

Instrumental Track: Flow by Rakesh Chaurasia & Prashant from Jal Shanti (Red Ribbon Ent.)

Mumbai, June 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) "Water is the best of all things" - so said the Greek poet Pindar more than two millenia ago. In the compositions of the new album Jal Shanti (Red Ribbon) you will find this message reinforced in the sounds of music. Music which transcends, transports, cleanses, soothes - the attributes are endless - just as the water it represents which stretches from sea to shining sea.

Waves, lakes, waterfalls - their essence is brought out in notes that take you to a magical place inside of your soul. The brilliance of Rakesh Chaurasia's flute mingles effortlessly here with the deep reflections of Sanjay Prasad's piano and rejuvenating rendition by Lalitya Munshaw; the ensemble recreating the grandeur of the music of creation, the music of the spheres. And the harmony instilling a sense of the fragility of the water without which all Life as we know it will end.

Led by Lalitya Munshaw, the prolific and versatile singer and performer, Mumbai-based Red Ribbon Entertainment ( is a Music Company with a motivated mission to promote the highest quality of Indian music across the Globe. The Company is on the forefront in Production, Distribution & Marketing of various genres of music including Film, Devotional, Romantic, Fusion, Sufi, Ghazals, Children, Health and Wellness and Regional in multiple languages.

ARTISTS : Rakesh Chaurasia, Lalitya Munshaw & Sanjay Prasad
MUSIC : Hanif Shaikh

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