Watch: Bangla Movie ABOSHESHE Screening as Official Selection at DCSAFF Washington DC South-Asian Film Festival 2012

[Aditi Roy's New Bangla Movie Abosheshe Poster]Washington, DC, June 2, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The 2011 Bangla Movie "Abosheshe" (2011) directed by newcomer Aditi Roy is an official selection at the first Washington DC South Asian Film Festival (DCSAFF) Abosheshey was screened to a packed theater at DCSAFF starting 2:30 PM today. The film stars Roopa Ganguly, Ankur Khanna, Raima Sen, Sudipta Chakraborty, Suman Mukhopadhyay and others.

The story and screen-play of Abosheshe by Neel B Mitra (interview) is a tale of a son's return to Kolkata 22 years after his estranged father and he had left for the United States. The son, who starts off by referring to his mother by her first name "Suchismita", is drawn into by some inner calling to get to know her in a journey of discovery, culminating in a trip to Sikkim.

In the interview, Neel describes Calcutta as a character in the film: "Identification of the city is an emotional account of the city". There are no flashbacks , the film is about time and space shifts. The past & present intermingle in most scenes. Keeping alive a person, death is not an end in the film. The search is not melancholic , it’s a celebration. The film has been shot entirely at real locations – the lawyer’s house and office actually belong to a fourth generation lawyer, and Suchismita's apartment is actually Roopa Ganguly's house. “It was so tough to get her to say yes”, said Neel.

Unfortunately, in spite of the DCSAFF brochure stating that director Aditi Roy would interact with the audience after the screening, Aditi Roy was not present at the venue.