Manan Singh Katohora's "9 Eleven" Bollywood-Style Independent Hindi Thriller Film World Premiere at DCSAFF Washington, DC

By Supratim Sanyal

Manan Singh Katohora with 9-Eleven Cast Members @ DCSAFF 2012
Manan Singh Katohora (center) with 9-Eleven Cast Members @ DCSAFF 2012

Rockville, Maryland, June 2, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) "9 Eleven", the Bollywood-style Hindi language thriller feature film written and directed by Manan Singh Katohora of Silver Spring, Maryland, saw it's world premiere screening at a filled to capacity auditorium with many people watching while standing at the first Washington DC South Asian Film Festival (DCSAFF) 2012 today at Rockville.

The audience was deeply engaged with the film, with oohs and aahs on the plentiful surprises in the thriller and and laughter rolling across when Manan's subtle sense of humor showed in his film.

The cast and crew took questions and interacted with the audience after the film. Watch two videos that I captured during the event:

After a few stints as actor and assistant director, young Indian-American film-maker Manan Singh Katohora debuted as a writer-director with his 2005 psychological thriller "Arya" which immediately caught the eye of film critics and general audience. He followed it up with "When Kiran Met Karen" that continued Manan's exploration of unusual subjects for a NRI movie-maker - this film was about the alternative lifestyle of two women. His latest film "9 Eleven" is also of a unique genre - psychological thriller in a way, a film that is suspenseful but yet manages to make viewers think about their karma and ramifications of their actions in life.

Video: 9 ELEVEN World Premiere @ DCSAFF 2012 - Part 1