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Kolkata Bangla Band Desh

Listen to Audio Tracks Shapno, Klanto, Nichok, Bhebe Dhyakho, Ekraash Kobita by Kolkata Bangla Band Desh

Once upon a time a vocalist having strong affinity towards Indian Classical and Grunge Alternative and a guitarist inclined more towards Blues and Jazz met, and Desh was formed!

Calcutta Bengali  Band DeshThen they started the hunt for other players. They found a few (actually quite a few: Somnath as a guitarist, Vineet as an Octopad player, Kuntal as a guitarist and so on) and finally decided to go with Chayan on lead and rhythm guitars, Pradita on Bass Guitars and Debu on Drums and Keyboards. That was the formation of Desh, and believe it or not, all this drama took place in 6 months (and they are not done yet) !

Kolkata Bangla Band DeshDesh are more of a thought than a band. As the name suggests. they are more into experimentation with Indian root music. They are doing more of Indian Classical and Bengali Folk as covers and as originals, and in their compositions one would find a touch of both genres.

Just as they were all set to start off good, their lead guitarist and one of the founder members of the band, Gautam, decided to call it quits.

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Calcutta Bengali  Band Desh

The current line-up of Desh is :

Shameek - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Chayan - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Pradipta - Bass Guitar
Debu - Drums and Keyboard

Desh wants to take music beyond all imagination. That is what they are aiming for.

Desh have performed live in many events, the more memorable of them, in their own language, being:

"1. 14th Dec,08' Asansol - It was a band fest wherein 4 bands from the city took place! That was just the beginning! We did a more or less acoustic choice (more by fate than by choice)! We did'nt even have a Bassist at that point in time and we still managed it out!

2. 5th Feb,09' Anara - We had moved into a fresh setup and the Rjiv Gandhi Mela was just the perfect platform to try out different things and so we did! Boy, it was a memorable experience with people beyond our imagination (and expectations) pouring in and singing with us to popular folk numbers!

3. 9th Feb,09' Rabindra Bhawan - This was a charity event organised to raise funds for two friends who had passed away to a fatal road accident and the initiative was a joint venture with another well known band called Music Street! People rushed in to a full packed house and our aim attained success!

4. 14th May,09' Rupnarayanpur - It was an occassion when most organisers would have thought of getting anyone but a band! It was on the occassion of the birthday of Rabindranath Thakur! So we went ahead with a Rabindra Sangeet show! It was highly appreciated by the localites and band music and concept gained some more ground with the advent of RabindraSangeet in a band!

5. Post the 14th Dec Show we were covered by Sfm 93.5fm in an all exclusive 2 hours special! It was quite an experience with questions (of which I never ever thought even in my wildest imagination) being shot at from all directions!

6. Had a word with Big 92.7fm and are on the verge of another chit-chat with all acoustic originals on the rocks!!!

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