First Look at "Adhora" (The Obscure) - A Bengali Film by Bhaskar Banerjee on virtue of supreme divinity

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Filmmaker Bhaskar BanerjeeCalcutta, June 24, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) "Adhora" (The Obscure) is a 2011 Bengali film written and directed by Bhaskar Banerjee that purports to expose to the masses the virtue of supreme divinity.

The year 2011. With the flourish of immense scientific developments  throughout the globe, the civilization takes pride to be on the path of true advancements that men had sought for since time immemorial. In contrast to the global advancements, the picture of Bengal might look little mild. Yet there has been an immense change here also in the last 20 years, specially on the Bengali minds, on their urge and their desires. It is normally said that with more and more of technological advancement men are bound to become more artificial. Life in Bengal is not an exception. And hence today it has become hard to identify the originality of a Bengali. So behind all materialistic developments plenty of tears,  sadness and grief dies down every moment on every new morn here on earth. Yet no one pays heed of them. And not just the grief or sadness, no one stands by to notice those innumerable commuters who on their journey on the path of life gets stranded. Perhaps this is how life is intended to go on.

Bengal in the last 20 to 30 years may have achieved a lot but has lost its most important essence – the spiritual faith. The land which had once produced great saints like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramhansha, Rishi Aurobindho has no spiritual order for the day today. The darshonik bangali (philosophical Bengali) is hence nowhere to be found. Faith in all forms, faith on the supreme almighty, faith on their friends and relatives, faith on the next door neighbours, faith on someone whom you can trust exists no more. What dwells in the minds are only the materialistic pleasures and the earthly possessions.The story “Adhora” revolves around the quest of two persons. One amongst them is Kajol. He hails from a middle class family. He stays with his widowed mother in  a very old fashioned house in one of the narrow streets of Kolkata. The story begins at a point where Kajol comes to know that his long lost uncle, whom everyone knew had died, is still alive. His uncle had denounced family life long 20 years back and has never been heard of again. Kajol was then 8 years old. People believed that he was no more alive and must have perished somewhere out of hunger, thirst and starvation. The news came as a shock to Kajol when he learnt that his uncle is still alive. He starts his search to find his uncle but apparently has to face lot of adversities. Overcoming all obstacles he comes in contact with a hermit person in a remote village. This person is more popular in the village as Dadathakur, a respectable old man. Kajol comes to know about Dadathakur’s association with his uncle. He stays with Dadathakur for few days to know the unlearnt story of his uncle. From him Kajol came to know why his uncle denounced the materialistic world. He also came to know how he fought with all his frustrations and how he was successful in achieving the marg towards real peace and happiness. Dadathakur shows him the spirit of divine bliss and explains him, how in the heart of nature far from the madding crowd, lies the actual source of happiness. As Kajol returns, Dadathakur gives him a few of his uncle’s belongings.

Kajol returns back home thinking that his mission was successful. But fate had something else in mind. The story ends at a point where Kajol rushes back to the village for Dadathakur, This time Kajol is not alone. But this time the aged old man remains no more alive. Kajol lands in the village to find people mourning the death of their Dadathakur. The sun keeps setting in the far horizon as Kajol still reminiscence the earlier words of happiness, life and death as was quoted by Dadathakur.

Format     : HDV
Timeline     : 90 minutes
Title         : Adhora
English Title     : The Obscured
Star Cast: Tanima Sen, Anindita Sarkar, Mahasindhu Dasgupta, Sudip Sengupta, Bivash Dutta, Somrita Banerjee, Mahasweta Karmakar, Master Rohan, Saswata Basu Thakur
Story, Screenplay & Direction : Bhaskar Banerjee

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