Indian Rock Band "Sifar" Launch Modern Rock Songs

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New Delhi, June 20, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Sifar, the popular hindi rock band, has been launched by the renowned Delhi based music production academy, BeatFactory Music, a move which promises to thrill their army of fans across the globe, according to a press release.

Indian Rock Band SIFAR

Featuring three punk and grunge infused modern rock songs, this EP release will provide the fan base- a combination of high-energy guitar playing, powerful drums, melodious vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The underlining theme bears testament to the personal life experiences, that the songwriters Amit Yadav, and Anshul Bansal have gone through and have experienced at various stages of their lives. With the songs they have tried to capture certain moments of their lives that touched them to the core and made them ponder further, thus resulting in this amazing output.

The ambidextrous vocalist and lyricist- Amit Yadav says, “We're excited with the finished versions. It has taken us quite some time to get to the kind of quality we wanted, but I think we've got something we all are proud of.” According to Amit, Beatfactory is one of the few music labels in India that is truly savvy, and has the capability of working successfully in an industry that is subject to a rapid change. Moreover they have given Sifar a 100% creative freedom which proved to be the cherry on the cake.

A thoroughly excited Gaurav Dayal, executive director Beatfactory, shares his views, “I had heard the demos from Amit and was instantly fascinated by the music and the lyrics. We are proud to have Sifar committed to our beatfactory music roster! ". With the launching of the EP the fans can visit website which provides everything you could want to know about the band.

While checking out videos of Sifar and photos in action, fans can also check out their ,, YouTube pages for all the latest updates, upcoming gigs and new releases. Way to go people! 

- PRLog

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