Bengali Film Review: PAGLU (Bengali, 2011) - DEV Displays Martial Arts Skills, Koyel Plays on the American Dream Shot in Europe!

By Aditya Chakraborty

[Tollywood Hero DEV and Bengali Actress KOEL in Paglu]

Calcutta, June 18, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Dev’s ‘Paglu’ which has hit the screen on the same day as Jeet’s ‘Shatru’ in the battle between the two superstars is the weaker of the two films and may not do as well as it's competitor.

A new trend has started with this film of Dev of making movies with titles based on hit songs of previous films of Dev - Paglu taken from ‘Paglu Dance Dance’ from Bolo Na Tumi Aamar and the soon to follow Khokababu taken from ‘Khokababu Jai Lal Juto Pai’ from ‘Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo’.

Thora Sa Kar Le Romance - A Bengali Film Song from Paglu

Paglu begins with Dev (Dev), a college student, meeting Rimi - a girl who comes down from the U.S. to take admission in 'Princeton' College. She becomes a matter of contention between Dev and his rival in college, Ronnie whom Dev defeats in a challenge and wins over Rimi.

Rimi’s father, no less than a Senator in the U.S (Rajatava Dutta) lands up in town and takes her back to the U.S on the pretext of celebrating her birthday. He separates the couple , but they vow to get back to each other.

Dev’s visa is rejected so he organizes a public rally and pleads his love for Rimi which helps him get his visa!

Once he lands up there, he starts a game with Rimi’s father which sees Dev laying down a challenge to him and also sees him getting bashed up by his goons. He returns and takes Rimi away with him, but later Rimi goes back to her house before the deadline ends though they could have escaped as Dev wanted to prove a point.

Dev goes back to India and Rimi joins him later.

The film is somewhat based on a theme of fantasy because all that takes place can not take place under normal circumstances. There are a few things to note about this film. They are Dev’s usage of nanchaku - it is worth admiring. Secondly the pug in the film is shown as a messenger of love and also 91221, a code word which is meant to say ILU.

The cultural conflict between the U.S and India (as perceived by the film-makers) is constantly portrayed through the body language and dialogue of Dev and Rimi’s father who "represent" the two countries respectively.

Using exotic locales as a backdrop in songs and even in other portions of the film don't serve any purpose though it does look beautiful.

The film hasn’t been shot in the U.S at all, rather it has been shot in parts of Europe. The performances aren't too great.

The songs of the film are somewhat disappointing - Jeet Ganguli's music is a bit lacking in his trademark commercial techno-pop glitz. Mika Singh has made his Tollywood playback debut with the title song of Paglu along with Akriti Kakkar - unfortunately, the song has not come out too well.

The film will appeal to an audience who have little exposure outside the media of foreign lands and cultures - one hopes the audience does not make the mistake of conceiving notions about living in the USA based on a film like Paglu!

Paglu is a Tollywood adaptation of YS Chowdary's Telugu super-hit 'Devadasu' starring Ram, Ileana, Sayaji Shinde, Venu Madhav, MS Narayana, Vidya, Rama Prabha and others. Four songs of Paglu have been shot in Switzerland.

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