Riingo Banerjee Focuses on the Old Kolkata with New Underground "SYSTEM" - Bengali Film Trailer

System (Bengali, 2011) Film Trailer

Calcutta, June 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Indraneil Sengupta (interview) waves his arms around with a gun in his hand (sometimes two guns in both hands) quite a lot in his first action-hero commercial film lead role in Riingo Banerjee's (interview) forthcoming Tollywood Bengali thriller System. The trailer promises the next Riingo trademark crispy and sleek modern film.

RINGO Indrajit Subhra (Shubhra) Indraneil (Indranil) Sengupta
From left: Indrajit, Shubhra, Riingo & Indraneil

System exposes the dark underbelly of Kolkata - the world of crime in which life is cheap and death easy. The role of Indraneil is surely of action - he flaunts a remarkable body and swift movements taking down his opponents with his bare hands. With all his aggression, does he also succumb to that greatest danger faced by all powerful men - falling in love ?

System features Indraneil Sengupta as the hero in his first-ever commercial movie - even Jodi Ekdin (Life Is Magic) was different. Subhra Kundu plays the female lead role of Rani, a sensuous hot bar dancer. The supporting cast comprises of Indrajit, Kaushik Ganguly (WBRi Interview), Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Rajesh Sharma, Barun Chanda and others. The music is by Jeet Ganguly and there are 5 songs.

The climax of SYSTEM is expected to be shot at Sarkarina, a very famous hall where theater used to be staged decades back and is an institution by itself.

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