Interview: Director Saptaswa Basu Shares Thoughts On Pyschological Drama Thriller "The Forlorn" (Bengali, 2011) and Film-Making

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Director Saptaswa BasuWashington DC, June 11, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) A young woman rents an apartment previously occupied by a researcher in para-psychology who died of mysterious circumstances. The apartment right across her is rented by a shrink.

One day, the woman finds the diary of the dead parapsychologist. She starts to read it, and gets fascinated.

As director Saptaswa Basu points out in this candid interview with Ananya Paul, "The Forlorn" (Bengali, 2011) is a psychological thriller centered around this young woman and the peculiar sensation we all get of being watched even when being alone. The film takes us on a journey into the contrasting fields of psychology and para-psychology. It is not a supernatural thriller, but more of an experimental suspense-drama which is made to appeal to a wide audience, not just Bengalees. In fact, Saptaswa indicates the film will be subtitled in English and he even plans a English-dubbed version.

Saptaswa watched Jurassic Park as a kid and loves non-linear films with alternate narrative styles. He also produces films, including his own, under the banner of his production house Neo Cinema. He talks about the emerging culture of short films in Indian cinema and dwells on directing feature films versus shorts.

"The Forlorn" stars Saswato Chatterjee, Rini Ghosh, Soumitra Chatterjee, Ambarish Mukherjee, Priti Basu, Soubhik Saha, Rajdeep Ganguly, Dibyendu Samal, Tusar Basu and others. The film is written by Sulagna Ghosh and Saptaswa Basu.

Ananya Paul is a journalist and senior producer of a major television news channel in Calcutta.

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