[Azam Khan]
Azam Khan

Calcutta/Dhaka, 7th June, 2011 (WBRi/OOBE): The Guru of Bangladeshi Pop Music, Azam Khan (Actual Name: Mahbubul Haque Khan ) passed away on 5th June 2011 at Dhaka CMH hospital at the age of 61. He was suffering from oral cancer. On May 22, the pop singer was admitted to Square Hospitals when his pain became unbearable after the oral cancer spread to other parts. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and underwent advanced treatment in Singapore twice that year. But he did not follow up on his treatment. His body has been laid to rest at Martyred Intellectuals' Graveyard in Mirpur, Bangladesh. Hundreds of his fans, relatives and well-wishers paid homage to the man.
Born on 28th February, 1950, Azam Khan fought against the Pakistani army in the Liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. After the war, he introduced an energetic brand of music. He then founded a band called Uchcharon. His first concert in television was broadcasted in 1972 in Bangladesh Television.

His popular tunes included Ore Saleka, Ore Maleka, Jibone Kichhu Pabona Re, Ami Jare Chaire, Ashi Ashi Bole Tumi, Obhimani, Rail liner bostite, Hei Allah Hei Allah Re, etc. His Popular Albums were Didi Maa, Bangladesh, Keu Nai Amar, Mixed Album, Neel Noyona. 

Journalist Faizul A Tanim had written in the article, "The Turbulent Evolution of Bangla Rock", "Azam Khan the imaginative composer, the inspired musician and lanky bearded lyricist ignited something that caught the attention of plenty of listeners. A freedom fighter himself, his songs had a pathos never before heard with such uninhibited emotion. Obhimani, Ashi Ashi, Highcourt er Majare, Ami Jare Chaire, Orey Saleka, Jibone Kichu Pabona Re and many more of his outstanding compositions became instant hits."

Azam Khan, together with pop music contemporaries Fakir Alamgir, Pilu Momtaz, Najma Zaman and Ferdous Wahid is credited with pioneering and popularizing Bangla pop music over the years.

[Pilu Momtaz]
Pilu Momtaz

Pilu Momtaz also breathed her last on May 22, 2011, at the age of 52 following a heart attack. She was the daughter of famous Bangladeshi singer and folk maestro Ustad Momtaz Ali Khan.

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